17 August 2014


Geneva, Patek Philippe Museum former President of Arnauld Tellier, has established a new watch brand design firm called 2LMX. The first product of this company’s watch design is called 2LMX code that is emerging companies with a very interesting design wristwatch.

2LMX is almost unique for nearly everyone among the models cloven luxury watches equipped with an easily recognizable has a structure. This original design was created in the 24- hour format. The other property of this luxury watch is, eye-catching Tourbillon in the direction of the watch and the property is that it is mounted vertically. A great design that works, Jean-Francois Ruchonnet is a highly unusual understanding of the product.

The watch dials designed as a measurement of 43 millimeters to 50 millimeters. 2LMX life is titanium and platinum alloys have been used generously. Watch white gold or pink gold variations are available. Sapphire crystal covers the front of the on watch windows.

This is a unique design and a work method and mechanism of action with the help of a mechanical watch can easily be installed externally on setting up arm. The mechanism, which has 18,000 miles an hour hit at the same time, 120 hours, is the main center of the power supply.

2LMX, 2 separate silicone belt/cord option is provided to the end user together. Alligator leather strap, optionally also with having to fit a, followed by the name of every aspect and manages to talk about design.

As a result, we have 24 hour-featured digital clocks, completely handmade using a very specific mechanism implemented a version of 2LMX will certainly change your point of luxury watches.


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