23 July 2014

A Brand that Creates a Passion – Frederique Constant Venice Luxury Watch Collection

Original and qualified from each other in the production of luxury watches clock models with notable brand of Switzerland Geneva watches is one of the brand’s luxurious collections of Venice with success at Constant Frederique success continues. Previously revealed Runabout series in the light of the Venice collection lineup created designs that use radians, depending on the editing created Arabic index regulations, the most prominent feature of the series as. In this index, dial section contained figures placed in a way that is much more comfortable to read, with an oblique angle indicator is positioned.

In this series, just like as in the series private boat Runabout box miniatures offered for sale. These luxury watches are placed bottom of the dial a feature and a high level of sensitivity of the automatic mechanism of a motion which is to take place.

Frederique Constant Venice has two different design luxury watch collection. Both models are made of stainless steel crates. On this collection watches, in red quadrant situated on a number and six hours of coverage getting involved to its hits stands out as a different and the present time, a mysterious air. Unimposing collection in Venice luxury watches, which is designed in a simple design with Brown watches belts were used. As a 43 m in diameter produced within these watches are located on the white of the strap stitching details.

This produced a special series of luxury watches, depending on the design of this custom made only one in 1888. Luxury watch enthusiasts is quite interesting this time, time, in sales has been one of the most sought after series.




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