31 August 2014

Ball EH Magnate Chronograph

Ball EH Magnate Chronograph, the latest evolution of the production of Magnate is the greatest dynamic style and presentation of significant turns into a new challenge... The new eye dazzling as it is resistant to the all the modern world powerful Magnate Chronograph, designed for and equipped to meet the demands.

Ball Magnate Chronograph watch

Ball Magnate Chronograph watch

The attractiveness of the fine details of the sporty Magnate Chronograph is available in-40 mm casing, made of stainless steel. Ball luxury watch company, how does anyone know that a single purpose: the best reliability designed for people waiting for a convenient time producing engineers and experts brought together.

The indicator of the time module and Ball EH Magnate Chronograph self-winding Ball 2050 mechanism (ETA main mechanism) has been strengthened. Ball 2050 mechanism Controle Official Suisse des Chronometers (COSC) has gained an official chronometer certificate from. This perfect 15-day test, , a certain degree of performance forecast in various positions and left exposed to the temperature value. These tests are part of the chronometer on the dial of the Magnate Chronograph phrases proudly confirmed.

Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Magnate Chronograph

Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Magnate Chronograph

Magnate Chronograph patterned edges, a predetermined way, by measuring the amount of time it takes to speed in tachymeter to calculate can be used as one. This model of Ball luxury watches therefore, kilometers or miles doesn’t matter, up to 400 km per hour speed is a unique product that can measure.

Easy night vision function requires, Ball watch, Ball EH Magnate Chronograph, equipped with 3 h Swiss technology. Fourteen micro ball gases tube, this in a time machine, even the darkest moments offers a conspicuous reliability.

Magnate Chronograph water resistant up to 100 meters and acceleration resistant and has been produced as antimagnetic. All of this, the most advanced technology, excellent luxury watch finesse and live the sporty character of the very well-balanced became part of the time. Today, more than every time the Ball luxury watches company, is on the way, the modern day discovery of its role as an essential player in advancing proving.

Ball Magnate Chronograph

Ball Magnate Chronograph

Automatic caliber ETA 2050, COSC certified chronometer mechanism this luxury watch, hours, minutes, and seconds dial 14 micro gas tubes with offers to read at night. 45 minutes measurement time while one push-button chronograph tachymeter and has up to 5,000 Gs Jolt when resisted. Stainless steel chassis featured a digital format does not reflect, with a diameter of 40 mm sapphire crystal that completes the structure.

Up to 100 meters/30 feet, waterproof property does not have these luxury watches, patented title protection system. Patented, contoured stainless steel strap, buckle and that attention with regular expansion cone clock, black, white or blue dial with options being offered.

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