16 August 2014

Baume ET Mercier – Linea Collection

Baume ET Mercier designed the elegant luxury watches with the models, reflecting the dynamism of today’s women’s the new models also manages to name. 27-millimeter-wide as specific to the Linea model as well as the two new automated mechanism design, the brand’s pursuers Canada origin player Emmanuelle Chiriquí collaboration that occurs as a result of this luxury watch has a model of the 2013 version.

Design inspiration for spring-summer 2013 from the natural and soft color trend for the season, this time produced by putting limits on the amount of production, and the 2013 version of bright orange, pastel beige and white, reflecting the colors and tones of the most perfect with it, which is made from a woven product obtained lamb leather strap luxury watch model with three with Linea. This time models, in 1987, were designed in key design become popular. As is known, this watch is equipped with a special belt; belt part is easily replaceable as a structure. In 2 different ways you’ll present with a model of the bracelet straps, calfskin and satin made varying features. By this time last year, this is almost the same as the model, by applying a different design differences in the details uncovered.

Baume ET Mercier brand family revealed that the greatest innovation has been their details in the colors. 27 millimeters in diameter and automatically designed the Linea model 32 millimeters in size, designed a larger variety can be found. The small luxury watch models were produced for the Asian market more. This measures adopted are much more easily by them and the fact that this decision preferred pointing accuracy. Linea model, especially among the fashion accessories, while the model that owns quite a claim; refreshing the properties of every day is being advantage. Interested in seasonal bracelet, this model 2 years since different belt types are offered for sale.

Dealing with this issue, watches are being changed especially color and fashion by drawing attention to foreground extracted returns. Linea Spring/Summer 2013 is designed as a collection within the limits and differentiating each year has become a fashion accessory. Another feature of this model is also able to follow the colors of fashion is. Open but at the same time full of life tones are used, assertive lines seems to be in question. Reflecting the colors of the summer breeze over the podium for women is a collection of the world being sent.

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