20 August 2014

Bell & Ross Luxury Watches

Bell & Ross very old past luxury watches, but not based on a particular mission since its inception focused on “professional watches” and success is a company caught in a short time


In 1992, one of the French designers Bruno Belamich between Carlos Rosillo by founding the first time design company still owned but was a model produced by the German firm of Sinning. Bell & Ross joined the company soon especially aviation and space science are led by a group of experts in the field “as mentioned on the web site of the firm” occupation forces will function in conditions of the people of the professional watches began to design. Produced luxury watches for astronauts, pilots, Professional Divers, bomb disposal experts working really difficult circumstances, such as a profession was introduced by people. Sinn is in the process of a partnership which lasted until 2002 with the Space One and Hydro models raised output. Their own Bell & Ross luxury watches of again takes the decision to manufacture in the factory in conjunction with this partnership was finished.


Success and professional selection of the underlying cause of the human being, Bell & Ross luxury watches extreme pressure, high temperature, sudden acceleration and hard nature conditions in order to function, as follows. All these conditions to fulfill in particular expert professional Bell & Ross keep your people; design, engineering and R&D sections advisors along with watches of right for the right conditions by directing aims.


These policies are to NATO and in time Bell & Ross French air force bomb squad official luxury watch has the distinction of being.


Improvements were still qualified as the STAR; however, Bell & Ross watch is not. This is why is the 11,000 meters with WR Hydromax has been improved. In 1994, Space 1 is called and the German Astronaut Space Lab Mission in 1993 by Reinhart Furrer was used in the time passed into production again.


In 1996, she released the special luxury watches for bomb disposal teams were removed. This watch is anti magnetic, easy readable, reliable and an accurate watch. In 1997, with 11,000 yards with WR Bell & Ross Hydromax time Guinness was able to enter record books.


2001 (some models) depending on the time Bell & Ross digital and analog gauges began practicing at the same time. 2003 Vincent Calabrese as a result of the partnership with 123 Heure Sautante model were launched. In 2005 BR 01 a first for the world market for Bell & Ross beginning. By this time arising from legend in the cockpit of the aircraft is still the best selling watch role of Bell & Ross colleagues.




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