10 September 2014

Brand Luxury Watches Hermes Cape Cod Tonneau!

Hermes Cape Cod in 2014 with new design continues to be a fashion icon. Hermes, unique and elegant watch collection, Cape Cod, on the east coast of America, gave the name of spectacular holiday destination.

Inspiring collection of anchor chains unchanged, but the new Cape Cod silver used in the collection. Never before, the use of watch brands, silver alloy with a unique use for the first time in watchmaking, Hermes 925 sterling silver from these alloys are much brighter and long-lasting.

Watches of different sizes with a choice of safe, geometric motifs can be changed with the dial colorful, double round leather straps Hermes in the summer, offering an alternative to complement your style.

In 1991, the first designed by Henri d’Origny Cape Cod, the legendary model of Hermes “inspired by Chaine d’Ancre was designed with a rectangular case. Another remarkable feature also of the collection since 1998, the couple turn an iconic design leather straps.

The model features a 30-meter water resistance stainless steel casing. The leather strap is designed as double-turn, lemon color and cowhide leather.

The model for this season, pink gold and diamond enriched.

Watches on the case, 52 diamonds Top Wesselton VVS selected. Elegance of diamondspsoriasis dial and private letters, reflects elegance. The model with the signature Hermès black or brown crocodile leather straps is complemented by. Hermes, adorned with diamonds, pink gold-platedpsoriasis dial with Cape Cod Tonneau model will accompany you on your special moment.

HERMES Cap Cod Tonneau bleu de Malte

HERMES Cap Cod Tonneau bleu de Malte

Hermes CAPE COD Tonneau Black

     Hermes CAPE COD Tonneau Black



Hermes Cape Cod Tonneau  Limited Edition

Hermes Cape Cod Tonneau Limited Edition


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