06 August 2014

Breguet Luxury Watches – Secret De La Reine

Breguet is a luxury watch brand differentiating between names, which is produce one of the new luxury time model Secret De La Reine, it looks like a watch, with how much can have an aesthetic eye persuasively. The art of a very ancient tradition to hand embroidered with agate art, this luxury watch model, but also to the pages of history seems to be on a mission to touch.

The design of this watch Secret De La Reine made in tribute to the memory of King of France Louis and his wife Marie Antoinette, Queen of France Marie-Antoinette à la rose “was inspired from the table.

Secret De La Reine, dialup and time part of the hide has been designed in a way that is aimed at using the art of processed rose motif embroidered with agate, has revealed the different between luxury watches. Breguet brand hand processing and jewelry art on the ability to use is a well known fact that the ingenious when returning, this gene scale the watch dial and also on the part of the frame that presents itself. This luxury watch property is a conspicuous to other hours in 18 carat white gold, part of the vaults that occurred and are seen as 43 on the diamond. Power reserve 38 hours lasting hours while maintaining, as well as self-winding mechanism for moving a calibrate and also a piece meal 586 features.

This luxury watch, at the same time, if you are looking for a sumptuous design and aesthetic in terms of watch, Secret De La Reine luxury watch model can meet your requests as a largely shows itself.



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