14 August 2014

Carry Bag for Luxury Watches

The people who use luxury watches know that if you use luxury watches, the best way to use long-term, careful and attentive a pass out of use them. Especially people who travel a lot, luxury care more depending on the time and would be willing to move carefully.

Luxury watches for people who prefer one brand and model, as well as also is the extent of substantial time enthusiasts. So much so that the different models of the same brand or different brands of luxury watches produced in different style that uses and travelling a lot, when you move the problem from time to time of all.

Döttling firm saw the need of the market brand in this sense has been one of the. Pleasure or work for constantly developed as for the uses of persons travelling by carrier bags are practical and luxury watches find the opportunity to carry safely. Protection provides a great advantage in terms of this carrier bag, but also is designed to be a stylish appearance, in this way, at the same time; it has shown itself as an accessory to complement the view.

Döttling developed by the firm were named as the Guardian Travel Safe of this carrier bag. 6 watches which is capable of handling these bags are produced in cylindrical structure. The production of this product, do not think that is limited to only one time the purpose of very large internal volume, move the storage sheath in a sum of money, and before you can move your precious jewelry and gems as possible. In addition, you can move a few pages also document an hour carrying case looks quite handy as a Guardian Travel Safe.

Guardian Travel Safe carrying bag in its purse a conspicuous to other property, watches are expected to make the move even more enjoyable and practical shoulder strap is. And, of course, only weighs 4 kg, this product gives you the ease of moving in with a light weight. Carrying bag case is part of a product being waterproof as other plus side.

Many features that incorporate this luxury watch carrying bag with $13,000 to $25,000 is offered for sale at prices. Price change is the quality of the bag and the equivalent extent the different features have variability shows.

Döttling firm design and cylinder-shaped Guardian travel Safe, manufactured with great care and attention by the company. When you stand out as a high-tech Holster, edge section makes use of functional pockets. Some of the materials used in the production stage the bag are held in secret with. So much that these materials contains of as the information are not given to anyone except for manufacturers

The case is the most visible of materials used in the construction is almost as tough as a diamond and the hard carbide is seen as the element. From this angle, it looks to be very difficult to open.

The case is also as a point to admire the workmanship is expressed. The case generated using carbon fiber fabric, tearing, cuts and scratches quite stabilizers. Guardian Travel Safe transport also proving the reliability of the bag, used in the production of a material used in bulletproof vests and is to be used. Located on the inner and outer parts of the case covering in polycarbonate materials used. This article is a commonly used product in the construction of the helmet and shield, with a maximum level of security does. Of course it makes the durability against impact.

Guardian Travel Safe, how much importance to security, but also with the existing GPS system in the case reveals. This is thanks to a GPS system, it is reported that the current position of the owner of the bag immediately.



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