26 July 2014

Cartier Luxury Watches with Gold Granules

Cartier has an important place amongst luxury watch manufacturer has bringing a new breath to the concept of luxury watches with two ambitious hour model presented to the taste of the recipient. Gold grain processing the resulting Cartier d ‘ Art ‘ and dual time zone format designed Ballon Bleu de Cartier tourbilon in 2 different ways, including his production of luxury watches with the Cartier brand, again, as on other models is striking.

The most important representative of the concept of luxury watches is one of Cartier, it produces different genre and continues to be a pioneer in the market of watch in the model has become a brand. Earlier models of luxury watches mother of Pearl, bamboo, enamel and mosaic-like materials using bold and different times of companies producing these models, koala, horse, tiger, and taking inspiration from products designed the Pope kapadu. Cartier d ‘ Art ‘ model in the design of luxury watches is considering a design the Panther company, interested in the wrist, which will carry the grace that has opted to design under the model.

The first time, have a very yellow gold as extravagant as it may seem, there in the gold processing, after the stunning craftsmanship makes this luxurious time model, as a charming style. Gold particles of varying sizes were defined as a technique created motifs side by side is a coating of granules designed with Cartier d ‘ Art ‘ has this image and exotic style.

Cartier d ‘ Art ‘ part of the dial of the clock in the model 22 carat yellow gold, it’s the needle part is apple-shaped blue steel as designed. The strength in water to a depth of 30 meters, this luxurious hours produced manually in property has an established mechanism. This mechanism has the feature of a dial with alligator strap 9601 mc calibrate it comes from the fact that in a brighter image.

Cartier d ‘ Art ‘ model with production of a limited number of only 21 pieces were produced. By unknown and mastery requires and state-of-the-art hand labour hours that many of the people did not know within 42 mm-length dial was created using a specific to ancient times stands out as decoration technique. This model with Cartier, luxury watches production proves how ambitious it is about.




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