02 August 2014

Celebrity Luxury Watches

In today’s article I will talk about the watch brand that celebrities use (celebrity luxury watches).

Most of the famous car in the colors of the shoes so that they use and they do everything takes care to be trendy. Some of the celebrities, watches more expensive than a car. Did you know that?

Rihanna at the Grammy Awards “Unapologetic” with the name of the album was awarded Best Contemporary Album in the field of. Rihanna uses watch as the Piaget brand watch. Rihanna that prefers to gold.

“Unbroken” named in the film, sitting in the director’s chair Angelina Jolie is wearing Cartier Tank watch brand. Angelina Jolie watch, the value is $ 6000.

Angelina Jolie & Tank Louis Cartier

“Money Stalker” in the name and with the film to be nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is expected to take in the field of wearing Oscar watch brand Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph. This brand has become synonymous with Leonardo DiCaprio as a wristwatch.

Leonardo Di Caprio wears his TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph at the BAFTA's 2014

Recently, “Young & Hungry”, as with the series executive produced, that made ​​its name with a gold watch brand Rolex has been showed Ashley Tisdale.

Modeled for Emporio Armani brand is expected to make a successful tennis player Rafael Nadal, Richard Mille watch brand uses.

Rafael Nadal's Richard Mille watch.

Likewise in 2005, the famous model Heidi Klum, who married British singer Seal expensive than $ 60,000, Richard Mille watch brand uses.

Accomplished actor Jason Statham is the brand Panerai wristwatch while.

Jason Statham's Panerai

“New Slaves” named part of the Best Rap Song, “Yeezus” named album of the Best Rap Album category and the Grammy Award nominated that, but failing to win Kanye West, Casio Bape G Shock brand watch uses.

With their studies along with Justin Bieber, Usher has come up that names, wrist watch brand Rolex Milgauss is a choice.

“We’re The Millers” playing the lead role in the film, and seen in the movie’s premiere, Jennifer Aniston Presedential brand Rolex wristwatch uses.

2014 Golden Globe Awards ceremony, the young star Sofia Vergara, Rolex Daytona brands, gold watches, preferred.

South African movie actress Charlize Theron as a wristwatch with diamond embellished Christian Dior brand has been seen.

Charlize Theron with a beautiful diamond Christian Dior

Charlize Theron with a beautiful diamond Christian Dior

Ashley Tisdale and Rolex

Ashley Tisdale and Rolex

Seal's Richard Mille costing no less than $60,000.

Seal’s Richard Mille costing no less than $60,000.

Sofia Vergara was seen wearing a golden Rolex Daytona

Sofia Vergara was seen wearing a golden Rolex Daytona



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