13 August 2014

Celsius X VI II Cell Phone Watch

Celsius X VI II cell phone watch created with micro-engineering of the first nomadic objects in order to combine manufacturer its style aims to refresh with a mysterious pair of optical display creations. Especially when its’ stable display style to arouse his strong feelings the lucky owner charged. This one-of a only kind model of watch in 2011 AMM (Monaco, we have just the muscular Association) will be offered for auction on behalf of.

At first glance, at this model of watch, the cover of the indicator on the border of what time it is all common sense and creates a moment of mystery. It’s like a small display to date no of being created from appears. In fact, this date indicator of Celsius X VI II placed into the heart of micro mechanics on top of a rotating cylinder was engraved and by invented this endoscopic rescue perfectly wake up, light is protected through a property of fiber optics that forwards are. This fiber optics watch numbers magnifying effect, are used in dual time zone display your creations.

Celsius X VI II was developed by Chronode and by the time of the caliber of this exceptional product in the world of high performance power hours, minutes, and the pointer type is based on the power reserve display tools that 72 hours. That’s Celsius X VI II luxury watch model by manufactured and patented Remontage Papillon impressive index can be observed with a combined original editor combines the piece.

Another feature of this luxury watch is the automatic bobbin system is named as a hinge when open and close 2 hours pinned and every 23 minutes that admirable technique.

Just like the harbinger of LeDIX like this unique invention is equipped with top quality and long lasting material. French electronic communication platform will not be completely developed especially for decades a kind of old sound transfer technology combines with. This is an extremely personal creations, reinforced with titanium, waterproof product PVD fiber and plastic is made of materials like sturdy and functional.

Elegance and refined, fluid lines inspired by the world of motor sport, Formula 1, simply reflects the appearance of the haute horlogerie models and colors of Monaco, the Celsius X VI II’s immediately noticeable style … Only perfect accessories of the brand decorated of luxury watches. The product which is made of ebony wood presentation box is named La Base Le Coffret; you will be presented with in the aforementioned precious accessories.


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