03 August 2014

Chaumet Luxury Watches – Class One Etonnante

Luxury watches, glitter and, the symbol of quality, as well as with different properties in different areas appeal to qualities. One of these features of these watches is also waterproof and extra durability of getting water.


Diving and water sports fans are quite handy for people producing a luxury watch, Chaumet Class One Etonnante spawned with the model. Since 1998, were ongoing between the hours of acquiring an important spot, dive, and this luxury watch model while dive with it has become possible to be informed than. Class One model is being produced 15 years ago luxury watch manufacturer model dive for several hours today, the hours became a source of inspiration.


Diving watches are to be a leading brand Chaumet, diving without paying during a time of elegance with Class One Model that allows using is different and has produced an improved model, the Class One Etonnante. Class One according to the model produced from the raw materials of titanium-plated lighter Class One Etonnante model, watch dial also blue, pink, orange, and beige and black consists of such alternative. In addition, situated on the dial with white and black diamonds, yellow, orange and purple sapphire stones with blue topaz and precious stones like the clock to win a flashy appearance come across as one of the features that provide. 39-millimeter-wide dial white gold produced using this luxury watches, waterproof up to 100 meters feature technically how equipped and proves that high level.





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