18 August 2014

Chopard Happy Sport – La vie en rose

With its bright colors, promising arrived with smells and carefree spirit of the beginning of the summer. To the return of summer Chopard has announced to celebrate the latest model adorned with flowers. Happy Sport Collection’s latest model new ember spread tightened charm and feminine La vie en rose. Happy Sport Watches sporty elegance designed as artifacts, as well as with the eternal presence of the famous mobile diamond was emphasized.

This luxury watch is alike a romantic artifact. Very good, country house style with daring shades of pink the smallest detail has a line. Pink mother of Pearl-embroidered roses in the holding pattern from its frame and dial and pink satin strap that fits all these tones chime is up to. This is in addition to the lure of the precious and grace dial background with a delicate rose, while surrounding the jewels and pink sapphires leaves almost like dancing drops of dew on the splendor is the eyes.

This elegant one of dew soaks the smell almost like that of the rose fragrant French poet Ronsard also said of compacted; You will not lose anything from the glittering beauty of roses on the contrary will be appreciated by all the wonders of the world. Look at these delicate pieces for a long time until your arm is also wonderful to carry. Chopard Happy Sport La vie en rose Golden frame and stone-embroidered with a beautiful gold frame to dazzle the eyes without stones luxury watches is the design.


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