26 August 2014

Chronosprint Endurer All Blacks by Bvlgari

Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, organized by the Rugby community for the auction and the final price was $ 53.220, and this meeting was orchestrated immediately from the Rugby World Cup next week. Activity in question is a prestigious hotel, the Royal Monceau, accompanied by New Zealand’s Ambassador in France, the Board and fundraising was done through delegated about Rosemary Base.

The star pupil of the auction and unique design is Bvlgari Chronosprint New Zealand All Blacks in the legendary rugby Endurer, the team was in the luxury watches production of special creations. This unrivalled quality at Christchurch in February earthquake causing major damage at the date of as a souvenir he had a distinct significance upon (February 2011) and 24,000 Euros changed hands. The purchaser was a Qatari commercial (GSSG).

A magnificent blend of very strong design elements is being in Bvlgari Endurer Chronosprint All Blacks Special Edition luxury watch collection, live in a way that Bvlgari has collected all the stakeholders and is dedicated to the famous rugby team.

Sophisticated, innovative and delicate time machine, concurrent exhibits a cutting-edge performance. In addition; The Scorpion and the young Center, according to idiosyncratic movement axis has found life with the mechanism. Caliber DR1306 also offers us the high precision stopwatch functionality.

Mentioned at the top of the Silverlight 2.0, this time for this particular auction event, a New Zealand earthquake relief back cover has participated with. Although the first sounds of the famous organization 1900lü based on years of prior to 1905, the Bvlgari luxury watches is because it is a turning point for the to post embossing in 1905 with All Blacks ® logo as it is given, and send it to the company’s roots are in place.

Thanks to its superior understanding of the model used a silicone strap on your wrist feels it is safe. ALL Blacks logo was removed on sale in a special box with Bvlgari Chronosprint Endurer All Blacks Christchurch offers a completely different world for fans of the time.




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