27 July 2014

Dior Luxury Watches – Grand Soir Watch Collection

In many areas, followed by the name of quality items talked about exposing to Dior, luxury watch designs is also notable as a brand has in the industry for years. Dior by the resulting Grand Soir collection luxury watches enthusiasts with great interest and attention-grabbing style as a dazzling collection.

The art of Japanese paper folding origami with shaped watch design consisting of the collection of the Dior Grand Soir collection has managed to offer a different view of luxury watches. Luxurious watches in the collection above, triangle, trapezoid and baguette-shaped cut is adorned with precious stones. This design has a total of 5 watches in this collection.

Sapphire, diamond, tsavorit and view spessar garnet stones are contained in the collection of the Dior Grand Soir luxury watches consists of frames. It is part of the dial, pink and yellow sapphires, Aquamarine and spinel is designed with. Origami effects of the watches that dial is used in part to reveal the effects of forming a three dimensional appearance for pearl inlaid are used.

Dior Grand Soir is contained in the collection for the Zenith brand luxury watches and self-winding movement mechanism in the elite brand has used the internal hardware. This magnificent luxury watches, the watch and minute indicators and are produced with 50 watches power reserve.

At the heart of the new Dior Grand Soir watches, hours and minute’s indicator and 50 watches power reserve, the Zenith signed, self-winding Elite mechanism is located.






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