24 August 2014

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Sensation Luxury Watch Model

Watch in many important and valuable in the industry the company is located. One of them is undoubtedly Grieb & Benzinger. This luxury watch making a personalized brand that watch production since its inception. In this regard, the quality is certainly there has been insufficient research. Of course, prices also reflect the quality of nature that’s going on. But this price, so many fans of the brand as luxury watches doesn’t affect the follower. Bespoke design experience, keeps moving forward brand. At this point, the brand’s Latest design, the Blue Sensation, will give the right to all the good things they say inherently. From the moment you see the watch is not able to not enter under the influence.

Blue Sensation luxury watch model is designed with a case diameter 43 mm. case is the preferred material for Platinum. This is inside the safe in 1890 Patek Philippe produced for Tiffany & Co. of pretty complex, manual adjustable has a winding Assembly. Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co. more than 400 parts Logos of 26 pieces adorned with precious stone is placed in a hitch.

Watch models include top-level properties available in the model is not limited to. Another feature that increases the value of the model in red gold plated rhodium balance shaft. Blue Sensation luxury watch thanks to the sensitive balance working with 18,000 miles an hour, half of the emissions. As a great point as with engineering design is expressing itself with this design.

Dial glass, made from sapphire crystal with anti-reflection material. Thus, the most common annoyance at the images that it is not necessary you never have to worry. The rear hatch is made of flat sapphire crystal again. Knob is made from pure platinum adorned with bents. In addition, they are working the watch assembly rhodium-plated, tempering and handling are also remarkable details. You are looking at and examining fascinates you, as soon as you begin a luxury watch you’re faced with the design.

Blue Sensation dial, Breguet signature mat is made from silver. Platinum clasp and navy Blue alligator strap, complementing the dignity of tact and details of what watch it is.

This wonderful, rare design around a half a million dollars of the watch to be available at an affordable price and this seems to be the place among the expectations.




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