14 August 2014

History of Bvlgari Luxury Watches

In 1894, Bvlgari come together with increased reputation Via dei Condotti and from there moved to the street number 10 separated in 1905. There was one of the famous of the day that health centers also opened a store in St. Moritz. But the job of sustaining the Roman was aware and his sons in Constantino and Giorgio stayed with and received training related to jewelers. Brother’s jewelry and precious stones remained passionate about business and continued the traditions of the family.

Via dei Condotti store was expanded in 1934 and Italy of the Treccani Encyclopedia has managed to cover a movie icon. Company has been successful with Roman and Renaissance designs of Greco-and at the end of the Bvlgari style emerged.

Company in New York 70 and stores managed to create a new market by opening. An expansion is no more limited. Bvlgari Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo also opened branches in cities such as. For the first time, resulting in 40 Bvlgari watches collections main output on 70s (especially 1977 de Clientele designs) made with. This original model using the brand name twice in the bezel also has created a new trend of luxury watches in design.

With the start of the year 1980, the rise was passed again, and the firm moved to the city of Neuchatel Switzerland production center. One of the turning points for the company in 1984 to take over from the throne and his son Giorgio Bvlgari’s cousin, Francesco Trapani was relieved from the administrative rights. With the increasing demand in 1993, a new distribution policy for the company’s luxury watch product distribution decided to implement.

In June 2000, while the growth in the rate of 62% of the company adjusts inventories required the retrieval of too new. Daniel Gerald Genta SA from watch glass and Roth’s inventories were taken. In 2002, the other part time collections created along with the ongoing growth of sales by approximately 38%. This rate is, of course, was going to change over time. But the Rettangalos, together with the larger models like the clocks began to be produced. Such models can then design in femininity in the forefront of quadrates models like the creator was. More up-to-date b. zero 1 series designed in different forms, such as watches, Bvlgari has managed to become a part of the production of the time.

Roman is the company’s most prolific is the sports sector. Sophisticated design, the diagonal collection at one of the most affecting collection of fans was able to be. Complex design of metal and steel with rubber strap combination played an active role. The Italians are pretty smart and they success to produce designs that make up the trend. Wide assortment of companies wishing to add more products are great products and the minute counter chronograph tourbillion is (whirlpools) completed.

Bvlgari luxury watches are also Scuba Switzerland 41 (Moon Phase model) as a combination of aesthetics and functionality with a simple model was able to offer. 125 year history, reflecting the great past and present company product collection is adding new products every day.


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