24 August 2014

History of Cartier Luxury Watches

Cartier, Louis Francois Cartier in 1847, is a company established by the. In fact, in the first years, it really was giving top priority to selling jewelry. Over time, the luxury watches are not very interested like in today, thinking that valued the firm was able to move. Of course, this is a family firm. The main purpose of the company is made by most customers of the basics is nowhere to find some specific watches. No wonder that from the goal by years of continued. At first, the serious sales multimaster watch production had become a hobby for him.

Luxury watches as a hobby until 1874 he was selling and produce watches. With the money earned can support the family Cartier began to teach her son works this year. By dividing the two parts together with her son firms began to speed up production. The time part to his son off the episode began to keep jewelry Cartier, itself. Son in the arm, at home and at the same time, the necklace that can be used on top of the logic of producing watches went on the road.

Cartier took over his job of son watches things started to go somewhere else. Rapidly growing firm starting Cartier with Cartier luxury watches, in 1888 the first diamond watch showcases by producing allowed him to take part. He hasn’t seen much of these watches only competed. Diamond luxury watches so much he thought was obviously. Small Cartier continued to produce new time before the year models. Small Cartier the biggest fashion house in Paris in 1898, married to the owner. Thanks to this marriage blossomed in front of Cartier luxury watches. He began to gain recognition by the very people who like 1910. Thanks to the many famous figures of his wife on his arm, or the necklace was the Cartier watches.

Each year adds new ones between the small luxury watch models are Cartier, in 1932, the title of producing the first waterproof watch. This is quickly found today, starting to be known. Many people will argue that the manufacture of Watches Cartier. In fact, this company is totally interested in today, thanks to their production luxury watches.




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