09 September 2014

Infiniti and Bell & Ross Brand Luxury Watches

Cars and clock industry by two powerful collaboration of Infiniti and Bell & Ross’s products, limited edition, excellent, watches…

Performance, and design, the premium car segment, creates a big difference Infiniti brand, Bell & Ross brand in 2011, signed a co-operation.

Inspires the cooperation of these two powerful brands, was celebrated with a new product. Two brands, unusual performance, modern premium understanding, technical excellence and offer their customers a unique, having experience reflects the product, “BR02-8 Infiniti Carbon Case Purple 8 Pro Dial” wristwatches in Switzerland was introduced.

Japan-based premium car brand Infiniti, the Swiss specialist watchmaker Bell & Ross by a specially produced, limited edition “Infiniti Carbon Case Purple Pro Dial” series of watches, presentation, 8 September 2011 the Swiss Roll in the city were made. This product, in 2010 placed on the market, the Infiniti FX Limited Edition, high-performance ‘crossover’ model launch of to celebrate, be sold, the special product “BR03-92 Instrument Phantom” model, followed by Infiniti placed on the market the second clock the distinction of being the. Technical excellence and elegance with a dazzling, this particular model lovers all clock, earned the appreciation.

This elegant wristwatch, between Infiniti and Bell & Ross has been designed as a symbol of a successful and long-term cooperation. Both brands, on exceptional performance of the modern understanding of the premium, technical excellence and offer their customers unique experience to have, with in their respective fields, they create a big difference.

“Infiniti Carbon Case Purple 8 Pro Dial BR02-8” series, consists of 200 pieces. Watches around the world, can be obtained from the Infiniti Centre.

Matte black dial indicator on the seconds, and eight-figure, sporting phosphorus plating, Infiniti’s worldwide fame, carry the color purple. Figure eight in Asia, while the symbol of luck, turned sideways, when used as a symbol of infinity in mathematics. Just as in Infiniti’s brand symbol. What’s so special about this watch to remind you that a product of the steel casing at the back of Infiniti’s signature is also included. This signature Bell & Ross completes symbol from a different angle.

Price: € 3.500 or $ 5.080 Only 200 units were produced.

Bell & Ross for Infiniti BR02-8

                Bell & Ross for Infiniti BR02-8

BR02-8 Carbon Case Purple 8 Pro Dial

BR02-8 Carbon Case Purple 8 Pro Dial


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