18 August 2014

Innovative and Modern Brand – Breguet

Mr. Schulthess summarizing required the interview, Mr. Schulthess turned a harsh Breguet watches form of this request. According to him, producing business luxury watches upon hours, 80% of today’s watches is connected to the invention of this brand of the industry agree. Every hour there will be at least one or more respected in the world of production and the hours our foursquare wants to be the value of our brand is a good grip on anyone. “The founder of the Breguet hour is in the French Royal family, Abraham Louis, in the 18th century, was and according to him, there are a few important inventions in life. The first self-winding watches and a lot more is the first of the brand of the Breguet watches.

This year Basel Breguet watch fair, as a pure work of art the work of Mr. Schulthess people encouraged to experience by trying their hours. In 92% of them were exposed to over the past 10 years, produced notable Schulthess, in 1999, the Swatch Group allocated after Breguet again started its operation. Today, more than 40% of the country’s shops and the like in the past with innovative reinvent personality they want to be.

Breguet’s Vice President for sales of the sales network, he worked with care about. Because of the rapid development of the Chinese market with the deal of luxury watch, many had to meet the rapidly growing demand of the brand. Mr. Schulthess products current with all major world market might have moved up in little space, stating that it’s hard to take firm steps slower, he said.

Brequet has being successful with producing high quality and low cost watches to seize the market being disturbed, according to the firm that they can make such an undertaking, but it can lose some of their customers in advance, he said. 200 years of history draws attention to Mr. Schulthess will come in the next three years said they wanted to prepare it for 200 years.

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