09 August 2014

Jaquet Droz Luxury Watches with Design of Chinese Calendar

Luxury watch designs inspired by his infatuation to China and details of this in the work of fans faintly felt watch brand traces of Jaquet Droz, the language taught at the Chinese calendar year on horse figured considering watches are produced. A master craftsmanship and technically flawless a technology offering that luxury watches, eye populates a chic has presented to the taste of time.

Since from old time society the Chinese calendar has been used, watch makers in keeping an important place. In the last period after hours of designs compared to the Dragons, now at according to the figure, depends on the hours has been raised. Year of the horse is expected to undergo a year of speed and fast is to express, Jaquet Droz brand of luxury watch designs were used in these cases.

Jaquet Droz, who oppose the ban imposed by the Chinese Government, and the first to offer their products in China, as the Chinese firm’s recipients, so is one of the companies who care about you. Their products, while offering the opportunity to get to know the culture of China, this luxury watch brand as the people of this country for, it becomes due respect, China culture-themed luxury watch designs reveals.

Jaquet Droz luxury watches 39, 43 and 41 millimeters in diameter to the registers are produced as having designed with the horse figures. These luxury watches, enamel, has engraving techniques such as with painstaking manual labor and craftsmanship seen in the traces. By this time, these watches is produced in 3 different models from each of the 88 units have been produced. This number means the number 88 for the Chinese auspicious is to believe. Parts of the rear parts of the watch dial, made by the two brand star and a special design engraving process aim to put forward the. In addition, this time in crocodile skin or brown leather strap is possible in selecting an alternative.

Now, let’s look at the details of the properties of this special production of luxury watches model. First model, described as the world’s most beautiful horses of Arabian horse figures are included. 39 mm mother of pearl dial located at this hour, which has run the figure of the case depicted. In this way, a different visual weather created these models also appears to be a fairly good quality structure. In addition, the 68-hour power reserve which has the distinction of being resistant to water pressure 100 feet this time in the context of the hosts.

Jaquet Droz designed by second luxury watch model in North America-specific figures of horses were used. 43 millimeters in diameter enamel dial, this model, and drop all the way to present the actions are detailed. B model still 68-hour power reserve and 30 meter water pressure resistance produced as capable.

Jaquet Droz horse year calendar specially produced luxury models from the third hour, the figure of a horse rampant when hours stand out were made from mother of Pearl Dial 41 millimeters in diameter is a dial. In this model, the Great Wall of China on the part of the image of the figure used at behind is located. In addition, this luxury watch model located at the back of the oskilasyon red in the section of the Great Wall of China, which is drawn on top of the weight of the gold and two stars of this model, is one of the details that reveal to the being different.



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