11 August 2014

Luxury Smart Watch Models

We live in the age of technology. Today, technology is developing rapidly and almost every device we use in daily life takes its share of the development. Which shows the basic functions of clock, watches were now smart. Outside of the main functions of wristwatches, giving tasks, in the 90s, the with the clocks, calculator, when we started. Technology has progressed and now smart watches, the relationship between clock and technology is of into a different dimension. Sony, Samsung and Apple smart of watches were designed by tech giants such, are trying to draw the attention of technology enthusiasts.

Smart watches are able to e-mail alerts and voice call. Can connect to other devices with Bluetooth. Advanced smart watches, can measure your heart rhythm. Accordingly price is different from other watches. Smart watches Featured Images models researched for you.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Apple, Samsung, LG and Microsoft also attended the smartclock market, Sony’s biggest rival Samsung. Organized in Berlin, IFA Consumer Electronics Fair, introduced the Galaxy Gear on the internet to connect to the smart phone features. Samsung’s smartclock market entry model, the Galaxy Gear, voice call, email and internet features are also available. Galaxy Gear’s 1.63-inch Super Amoled display resolution is 320 x 320 pixels. Bluetooth 4.0 support as well Gear’s 1.9 Megapixels still image recording and HD video recording features are also available.

samsung galaxy gear...

                        samsung galaxy gear…

Samsung Galaxy Gear

                   Samsung Galaxy Gear

Motorola motoActv

The world’s first GPS Tracker feature, the smart watch, Motorola Moto Actv’n the target mass athletes. Motoactv can be done with the daily activity program, can keep records of work. Motorola motoactv although the intended for performance measurement, though a smart clock has many features like GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. Integrated phone functionality motoactv’y not have the ability to pair it with your Android phone. After the matching, messages, images and other content you can access.

Motorola Motoactv smartwatch

               Motorola Motoactv Smartwatch




Cookoo, smart watch, does not require charging, and two button battery to work Cookoo most important features that distinguishes it from other smart watches. Bluetooth 4.0 connection interface that uses the watch on the screen incoming / missed calls and Facebook messages are viewable. iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPod touch 5, iPad 3 and iPad 4 is compatible with smartclock Cookoo, take photos one push automatic to make the video recording features. Remarkable while the other two features, you can report Cookoo place with. With Cookoo, without ever touching your mobile phone, you can report in to Facebook.

COOKOO Smartwatch

              COOKOO Smartwatch

Cookoo Watch - Blue

        Cookoo Watch – Blue

Cookoo Watch - Pink

                    Cookoo Watch – Pink


Offered for sale without more, via the website, 275,000 pre-orders of the Pebble other smart watches, difference, energy efficient, black-and-white image, giving the e-paper screen is. Pebble having quite simply designed, with the incoming messages to your mobile phone, e-mail, caller ID, facebook notifications can follow. Without the need for extra application, the iPhone can be connected directly to the Pebble. Music application on your phone using your wristwatch can control. Battery life of approximately one week of the Pebble connectivity. Charger can be charged via a USB connection when finished ..

Pebble Steel smartwatch

                       Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Peeble Allerta

                                 Peeble Allerta


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