17 August 2014

Luxury Watch Brand Patek Philippe’s History

In 1839, Patek Philippe and Francois Czapek established a collaborative watch company in Poland created from the side, the great difficulties experienced during the time of war was founded in. That year, within the framework of the process of establishment of this kind was being seriously difficult firms in spite of this; these two friends that are execute the process successfully. In those years, directly from the factory in the factory partners that led to more than 200 people with a purpose, their production watches. So within a very short time he is recognized all around the world have become spread.

In 1844 although a firm five years yet, at the Paris exhibition presented to the sector with their wristwatch design firm has gathered great appreciation. In those years, as it is known, the most famous watch was done on the design of pocket watches. Patek Philippe, this luxury watch is much more than a policy by developing the types of unwary. In those years, the most subtle, should be established and has produced pocket watches that do not require a key. In this case when watches are started to sell in the whole world it has being surprise flocking.

Patek Philippe wrist watches he gave to his life he lived in some way officially. So much so that in 1863 keyless watches up his book. In this book, their adventures, and this time was told his thoughts while producing. Honored by the Pope in 1877 Patek Philippe, in 1890, gave to France if the service because of the Legion of Honor Medal was secular.

In short, the company’s history in this way comes from the drive. At present, there are companies, is one of the oldest companies. These companies are really in those years was established under conditions very difficult and was chosen the best quality services to companies. Over time, further raising the quality of, has a reputation all over the world.

Today, history of this company, which produces the most prestigious and most elegant luxury watches, is a very long and complicated. Still standing on his feet this company, Patek Philippe has left this world, is the biggest thing I think. If you see from there, I’m sure, if the success is very proud.



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