16 August 2014

Luxury Watches of Longines Brand

The world famous aviation master of Charles Lindbergh in 1927 non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in pretty big already had a flight. The flight was conducted with a single-engine aircraft. St. Louis to Roosevelt Field (New York) the distance traveled between the distances between Le Bourget (Paris) was located.

Longines Lindbergh Watch Angle Watch designed by. Totally 33.5 watches was, of course, become an indispensable part of this journey. Lindberg Watch Angle Longines Sport Collection has expanded its product family with models announced. A Longines Sport Collection valuable elegant model continues to expand its product range.

Longines Admiral Collection too, one of them and met for the first time in 2008, followed by the name of superior performance and watch lovers from Disturbia. This collection is the wide range of enthusiasts at the beginning of the traveler and adventurer come to the aforementioned collection as of 2009 joined than 3 separate different models.

Longines Admiral 24 h Ceramic Automatic pattern named 42 mm diameter durable and attractive stainless steel case with black or gray when you fill the eye around the ceramic frame is adorned with preachers. Watch 24 H measuring unit designed and according to this detail can be traced from the external environment of the watch with ease. Located within the self-winding the watch mechanism.

The watch dial is gray or black to be two separate options is presented to the recipient. Time wide on the dial has been used and thus the figures comfortably reading is desirable. Three o’clock is located the calendar function. All of these features does not dial and is protected by a Sapphire Crystal glass image.

This luxury watch, the front panel is compatible with grey or black frame, stainless steel comes with a hose, cord securely accommodates a special clip system so that it can be opened and closed. Waterproof protection up to 100 meters away. Ceramic bezel on the tachometer measurement feature, are available from the Longines Admiral 24 h Ceramic Chronograph.

Longines watch company is managed with a special self-winding mechanism. Two separate gray or white dial option is available. Calendar tab located at 6 o’clock. At 3: 00 30 minutes back to the counter and watch are odd numbers on the other watches of the pointers to 12 indicated. The top part of the Panel as a compatible ceramic watch bracelet is made from.

Longines luxury watch model Admiral Collection that belonged to the other Member is Admiral Chronograph 24 h with second time zone is named. Does not make a perfect time grip and error structure has a well-deserved reputation among mechanical watches. The model self-winding caliber L686 coded uses the mechanism of watches. You can easily watch in the watch work because the back cover that can be monitored the functioning; in fact, the rear hatch is made from Sapphire Crystal glass.

Longines luxury watches named was also host to the watch stopwatch functionality on top of the 12 o’clock pane 30 minutes counter, while deployed in the direction of a 12-hour counter is 6. Ties luxury watches are designed as a color anthracite or grey, including 2 separate dial color options available. Still, the figure was only 12 have been delivered in a wide range of formats. The remaining luxury watches are evident, thanks to the programmed, the watch markers. Admiral Chronograph 24 h with second time zone the steel cord or two separate alligator bracelet options available. Both private and cozy with a mechanism watches opening and closing is without problem.

This article is a model of the other; Longines Grande Vitesse line. This model has been dedicated to speed enthusiasts. Fluid lines and also has a structure with aero dynamic Sports. A notable and unique has a typography or tachometry. Here’s all these features are all lovers in love with their pilot car and the athletes enough to reason.

Longines Grande Vitesse Chronograph 24 h 44mmlik was built in a stainless steel enclosure. Admiral family self-winding caliber L686 managed with time machine, engine, steel case with polished black steel frame or black aluminum frame, they are entitled to. Both frames have been required for the measurement of the tachometer on the values. (Km/h or mp/h-frame can be modified)

The black, pvd or metallic gray dial with options view offered for sale in pera, Longines Grande Vitesse Chronograph 24 h as in other models at 12 digits on has come to the fore. 12 figure still wide and large suppliers in a format other time when filling the places where significantly watches are indicated with the pointer. 24 zone properties with mechanical watch, bringing a different perspective to the watches of 3:00 Calendar tab and 30 minutes counter at 12 o’clock and is located.

Irresistible design very stylish building rooster, complete with Grande Vitesse model up to 50 meters water-resistant has strength. Black or brown leather strap with stainless steel cord of these luxury watches, as presented for sale at option also available.

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