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Luxury Watches for Men

Luxury watch is the most important accessories of men, (luxury watches for men) wrist watch, in addition to functions also, prestige symbol. So, you wear your watch on your wrist, never do not despise.

We women, shoes and jewelry curiosity passion in men, watches are like. Of men the most sophisticated, the most classic accessories, watches. Men, passion for watches, pocket watches began with. Today watches, function, rather than as a symbol of prestige in the foreground. Every season, changing styles, and technological detail, wristwatch models, giving place to modern details. Of men, about watches models, remain rigorous and high-quality parts they preferred a reality.

Every season, changing styles, different trends and technology is playing a major role in watch design details. Modern details, even in classical watches is striking. Usually based in Switzerland with a long history of world-renowned manufacturer of luxury watches for men are well known. Certain brands, classic watch models, however, can continue the same line for many years.

Watch choice of every man always will move on instinct, and never compromising style does not. Men feel more comfortable for watches they want to be in accordance with personal style. Men’s chosen wristwatch, in fact gives clues about personality. Sports, luxurious, functional, trendy, classic wristwatch that you wear on your arm… Do not despise. After all, your watch, your character and your style reflects exactly. Here in luxury men’s watches.

Patek Philippe: Patek Philippe, superior craftsmanship, hand-crafted models, and with the production of limited edition, one of the most important Swiss watch brand. Wristwatches designer, Antoni Patek and French watchmaker Adrien Philippe in 1851, Patek Philippe & Co. has established its brand. Patek Philippe, for many years, without compromising the quality of employee, such as calendar and chronograph many technological developments, to lead is known for.

Patek Philippe Sky Moon model

Patek Philippe Sky Moon

IWC: IWC Classic men’s preferences, timeless line, quality craftsmanship and sophisticated style, one of the world’s leading watch brands. IWC watches, tradition and innovativeness in the art of Swiss watchmaking with the association represents pinnacle of elegance. By Florentine Ariosto Jones, in 1868, in the town of Schaffhausen in Switzerland, established the IWC in 1875, the brand’s models began operations with 196 employee, is perfect for investing.

IWC Portofino Chronograph model

IWC Portofino Chronograph

ROLEX: Rolex watches, masculine, timeless and luxurious Designs, with a leading position in the market. Rolex in 1905, the German Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis founded by. Wilsdorf & Davis Company will then Rolex was the original name of the company. Hans Wilsdorf “Rolex” commercial the back in 1908 in Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds in the record company ettirdi.wilsdorf & Davis moved from England in 1912. The company name was recorded in the Rolex 15 November 1915.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona - Il Cronografo

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona – Il Cronografo

TISSOT: The first anti-magnetic watch, the first plastic watch, the first wood clock, the first pearl watches (men’s luxury watches), the first stone watch, the Tissot brand’s signature modern design, such as the one of the leading watch manufacturing since 1853. Switzerland’s most respected brands. Tissot, high quality and eye-catching designs, and throughout its history, been a source inspiration and an example to other watchmakers. Tissot’s unchanging young line, the clock to the world, have different designs that direction.

Tissot Quadrato Valjoux

Tissot Quadrato Valjoux

TIMEX: Timex, with the inspiration from the classic, created the fashion of the day, modern, functional, cool lines, and appropriate price policy attention, is a well-established brand. Timex, 1850 – 1900, between the years of America’s workers, according to budget cuts was producing watches. In 1900 “Yankee” named Timex producing pocket watch in 20 years, has sold 40 million Yankee. Today, one of the leading watch manufacturing.

Montre Timex

Montre Timex

SWATCH: Swatch, every man, with models that reflect the style, irreplaceable, one of watch brands. Nicolas G. Hayek management, the Swatch Group, the worldwide head of watch-making industry was recognized as the crown.

Swatch Watches Irony - Blackas watch model

Swatch Watches Irony – Blackas watch

CASIO: Especially sporty men’s indispensable classic brand Casiowide collection of products, reasonable prices and one of the most preferred watch brand. In 1974 the world’s first digital automatic calendar the watch Casiotro story begins with the production in 1983, gshock continued with the introduction of the model. Casio brand, which is the most important series of G-Shock, especially in the 90s, made ​​sales boom. Today, with a series of sales figures are still very high. Clock industry’s most successful models of Casio G-Shock series fans and collectors a special present.

Casio Edifice

Casio Edifice



Luxury Watch Brand Patek Philippe’s History

In 1839, Patek Philippe and Francois Czapek established a collaborative watch company in Poland created from the side, the great difficulties experienced during the time of war was founded in. That year, within the framework of the process of establishment of this kind was being seriously difficult firms in spite of this; these two friends that are execute the process successfully. In those years, directly from the factory in the factory partners that led to more than 200 people with a purpose, their production watches. So within a very short time he is recognized all around the world have become spread.

In 1844 although a firm five years yet, at the Paris exhibition presented to the sector with their wristwatch design firm has gathered great appreciation. In those years, as it is known, the most famous watch was done on the design of pocket watches. Patek Philippe, this luxury watch is much more than a policy by developing the types of unwary. In those years, the most subtle, should be established and has produced pocket watches that do not require a key. In this case when watches are started to sell in the whole world it has being surprise flocking.

Patek Philippe wrist watches he gave to his life he lived in some way officially. So much so that in 1863 keyless watches up his book. In this book, their adventures, and this time was told his thoughts while producing. Honored by the Pope in 1877 Patek Philippe, in 1890, gave to France if the service because of the Legion of Honor Medal was secular.

In short, the company’s history in this way comes from the drive. At present, there are companies, is one of the oldest companies. These companies are really in those years was established under conditions very difficult and was chosen the best quality services to companies. Over time, further raising the quality of, has a reputation all over the world.

Today, history of this company, which produces the most prestigious and most elegant luxury watches, is a very long and complicated. Still standing on his feet this company, Patek Philippe has left this world, is the biggest thing I think. If you see from there, I’m sure, if the success is very proud.



Brand Size in Ingredients Used in the Making of Luxury Watches

Metals and materials used in the market of at the beginning of the firms that stand out about watches using the Hublot brand is located. Platinum, gold, silver, steel, aluminum and titanium metals used as luxury watch market, different time of these products uses different styles designs portfolio, Hublot is the signature of.

From 1901 Carlo Crocco taking by foundations Hublot, luxury watch market has been one of the companies that attempted the first of. 3rd place at the top in the production segment uses one of the designs that appeals to the natural silicone strap Market can offer this property reflects the most important product has been.

Crocco taking by a mixture of gold and silicon, which is referred to the industry at this luxury watches, experimental and innovative aspects of Time Sweden have revealed. In fact, this time in the market for other brands of luxury watches has inspired in design. Other sectors also made of silicone material with these current splashed slippers and made the production of bottle caps.

The movement influenced by the aristocrat known as King Juan Carlos members representative of the diverse and innovative watch designs wanted designs. Silicone and stainless steel water resistant substance with the strength of the light by addressing, in those years, new time designs under development process was initiated.

Thanks to this innovative material concept developed to Crocco taking in both luxury watches as well as other non-industry sectors affected, and given a different act particularly watch sector. In the early 1990s when the time comes in the middle of the difference between each other and the world of innovative products has created a new market and the famous with luxury watch design firms, began to introduce their new design with pride. Prominent studies, particularly in the design of the sporty luxury watch model has been designed for silicone and similar studies.

To the year 2005, the Hublot again by making a remarkable output watch industry and stirred. The legendary Big Bang model had received full marks for all critics. With that, mechanical stopwatch; Gold, ceramic, Kevlar, tantalum, tungsten, carbon and silicone consisted a perfect combination. It’s almost like the world of all time shocker shook! Hublot, innovative mineral based on to do than he had antagonized the competitive environment once more.

Jean-Claude Biver passes as Senior Executive of Hublot, Big Bang behind the secret of the model, the search for innovative and irresistible Big Bang in the greatest fusion work, he said.

All of these developments followed; undoubtedly the Hublot Big Bang model with the time in the world of R & D activities will be documented in so many ways he is more. This success was followed by Switzerland’s other famous designer brands, research development studies affirm each other when looking for great resources they started listening.

Research and development efforts without losing time from Patek Philippe and Ulysse Nardin risked their lives; they carried out studies on silicon and Silicon. Discover the new features of the silicone.

For example, he eliminated the requirement that Silicon can be provided during the construction of the oil. This is in theory, as the amount of friction reduces friction and prolonged his life of IE.

In watch industry, of course, has a great deal of these improvements influenced by new discoveries begun to sign on. It used to be for certain metals can be produced using watches nowadays can be used in many mines. Moreover, it discovered new metals and the resulting new alloys are lighter but more robust thanks to the many examples we have in front of us.

Watch design firms, developing technology to keep up with serious sources cited research and development efforts in order to result in success are well-known automobile companies received support. He has worked with various car racing organizations.

When we got to the 2006, Richard Mille RM 009 tourbillon watch model, named the Brazilian Felipe Massa named after the world famous F1 driver has prepared for you. As a result of developing technology, despite all the panache and important features watches are being produced only 30 grams (1.06 ounce) tradition (except cord). This is because of light; aluminum-lithium alloy bottom plate that model was made. Watches in the case of the metal is Alusicti. (Space science can be used in a new type of metal)

In 2007 the Richard Mille once again stage RM012 tourbillon has named. This time, what time do you have to be light was given importance to the watch rather than strength. RM012; aluminum, magnesium and Silicon alloy produced. As a result, this triple combination is an excellent strength and time and very superior had a corrosion protection. Moreover, due to the ability to absorb the leading from the natural superior durability against impact was showcasing.

Lightweight but durable due to high-tech ceramic material from the structure in the present-day time by manufacturers is often preferred. Other advantages of the high-tech ceramic material is scratch-resistant, and have soft lines, you could say. Are the known time designer IWC Schaffhausen this material in the best way the IWC 2007 Top Gun edition of the Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph, model using the watch industry has led to ground breaking? Related to the moving components of the watch is made of titanium gray matte

Rado is scratch-resistant material for the first time At Industry, working with the firm, as its name is printed in this sector. Rado DiaStar produced its first product from scratch, and then it was in the year 1962. The main materials used in its production is; Titanium and tungsten-carbide alloy, respectively.

This breakpoint will further their studies in ceramics progressed in the 1980s became the use of high-tech ceramic material.

When the calendars show 2007, Rado came on stage one more time. For many years, finally achieved the desired point in the ceramic technology and True White Pure Jubile pattern named by announcing with a lot of positive feedback from the world of the watches it took.

Watches during the launch of new products one after another In Anonimo Polluce Bronze alloy enclosure using the watch’s (aluminum, iron and nickel) produced another watch was present as a model. Bronze alloy used in this product is resistant to both corrosion and strength was high.

Ulysse Nardin and Custos firms is the rare time that uses the chassis of models was the manufacturers in Palladium. Palladium, platinum family has a lot of high strength again from between the metal and precious metals.

Innovative flow designs which follows one of the unusual alloy used between Villemont Watch models of chassis were used in Ultime. Palladium, Platinum and ruthenium by using this was named as the Ultime. This alloy is also the name of the watch that produced inspired by luxury.

As a result of different amounts of mixtures of metals alloy is an example of the use of other, Zenith Defy Xtreme Sport collection, the company has been. This collection is in the production of titanium and high-intensity resulting from the merger of steel zenithium alloy was used. This alloy is both lightweight and strength was one of great interest with alloy.

The continuation of innovative, Gerald Genta Octo produced by the brand, thanks to the Spirit, time sector Black arcap called an alloy has emerged. Arcop, the luxury watch market has been used together with a gold watch, zinc, copper; iron and nickel were obtained with the mixture.

Other firsts in the world of luxury watches is as follows:

  • Breguet has developed the brand in the Ref. 5197 named model, luxury watch market is the first internal mechanism has been the model of Silicon used for
  • Hublot designed Mag Bang model of safe, frame and chassis are produced by using the six part magnesium.