14 August 2014

Materials Used in Luxury Watches Manufacturing Process

Exotic and high price luxury watches has become a classic of the watches with a wide range of clocks there are many materials used in the construction. The design of these materials, times and desired durability varies according to the level.

The technology present conditions quite a booming trend and the emergence of new techniques, together with the manufacturers, will use in production watches a large variety of materials have been. These materials individually have a character and distinctive features.

Although the material even though the watches of Turkey’s many producers, with each passing day new light of new materials R%D studies to find the many airfields are working. Automotive, space science inspired by the many industry made this research produced with luxury watches strive to be different and is spent on quality. According to these studies encountered the most popular combination is the ceramic by mixing with other mineral substance obtained from the materials you are creating.

  • Now, Let we detailed the use of the materials in detail luxury watch manufacturer has been rendered.


Situated on the market, the most preferred models of watches steel watches. Fashion of steel luxury watches are never exceeding, both elegant and fashionable is seen as ideal in terms of creating an air.

Steel item, in production is not alone, mixed with a substance that is used to prevent corrosion. Chromium is known as this article covers the surface of the steel against corrosion and does everything a shield. In this way, the steel to be affected by external factors, the article largely protects the clock as an aid.


Luxury watches are made from the highest quality designs to the production. With the development of technology, along with the classic yellow gold instead of six different tones are used in the production of luxury watches are also widespread. The emergence of these colors is, in certain metals such as copper and nickel of proportions is the result of mixing. White, pink or red and gold colors in this way, the luxury watch designs have been replaced.

Gold is used in the value that specifies the point is, how much is used in the production or how valuable the gold is associated with. Carat values have emerged at this point.

  • 18 karat gold at less than 75% the utilization rate while there, 14 karat gold is 58% of this value in the watches.

Gold Plated Watches

Gold-plated luxury watches, metal layer is manufactured with specific values placed on gold plates. This technique has been used in the case of more watches. Gold used layers of 10 microns or less used a thin, generally referred to as the electroplate technique of this coating process.


Titanium white is a metal; durability has become popular as a very strong metal. Colors can be given a different color because the emergence of metal which titanium, particularly sporty luxury is a material commonly used in the production of watches. Titanium is more durable %30 than steel, which is also lighter and shows itself as more effective materials against corrosion.

Endurance provides advantages in terms of titanium, on the other hand, are a material very easy redrawn. As for this time producers, in terms of the duty to protect against scratching my Titanium which is used to see section special protective covers with a material. In this way, provides durability against scratches.


Since ancient times, too much non-preferred aluminum, as a result of the studies began to be popular. Corrosion resistant and prevents to decide property with Taylor becomes a durable Aluminum, times are doing helps to win in this regard, in particular, produced in recent times, it is possible to come across the material in aluminum design.


That appeal to the segment of expensive and top luxury watches used in Platinum, priced much higher than the bottom due to the fact that it is considered as a valuable material. The processing is quite difficult, whereas the Platinum after processing offers a noticeable quality.

According to under 30 times more rare, therefore platinum is much more expensive and valuable. Metal feature the stable and intense in terms of Platinum, also provides the best protection against corrosion, material. This precious metal is used for the top segment price watches.

Platinum, gold is more valuable because it is much more expensive. This metal is very difficult to work with. However, in the end, the result is a superior quality can be observed in. In addition, a metal does not have big advantages among allergic structure. Today, the growing use of Platinum, luxury watches are among the indispensable materials of production.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber, the more luxury watch manufacturer enclosure preferred materials in between, while quite attention to the draws and durable structure. Durability of polymer-supported by the highest level after the removed carbon fiber mix color black or dark gray color is seen.

Other materials used in the manufacture of luxury watches, the resin, silicone, plastic, can be listed as follows. Sunlight, water and corrosion resistance properties of the known materials, it is possible to see almost every watch.

The majority of these materials we mentioned up there time enough for manufacturers to give life to their designs, while still research in progress. Palladium and magnesium elements blended with different items sought, of different substances to be worked out, it could be called the best examples that can be granted to this situation.


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