04 September 2014

Movado Museum Classic Series

Clock lovers of, with a unique design that brings together Movado’s Museum Classic Series design is striking.

Switzerland’s leading watch brand Movado, looking for differences Museum Classic Series on the market. Pretentious design, which attracts men Movado Museum Classic Series, the nobility of black men carrying on the wrist.

It attracts attention with its simple design, the quality of all the details you will find a wristwatch model. Black leather strap, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal water-resistant to 3 ATM and it offers a combination of elegance and comfort.

Every detail is designed specifically for men happy Movado Museum Classic series, males will feel different and special.

Art and design enthusiasts prefer them, with the nobility feel on your wrist. Adopted as the symbol of modernism Mova Classic Museum dial, offers a dramatic simplicity. Movado is the pioneer of prestige and innovation with the time, in the presence of a work of art, you will enjoy the privilege to follow.

In 1947, artist Nathan George Horwitt, sun, noon, which symbolizes the position of a single point, to put over 12 hours, Movado Museum dial in the story had begun. Representing simplicity, and winning a reputation as a museum hours, Movado this quadrant reflects the aesthetics and luxury.

With over 100 years of history, watchmaking art converts the design of the Movado, black nobility, Classic Museum series, brings. A symbol of luxury and elegance, Movado Classic Museum series, the most valuable form the time. Offering a simple beauty, Movado Classic Museum series, the soul addressed to the women who want to be fashionable.

Sensitive proportionate, with a look extremely feminine and elegant, Movado Classic Museum, with bright and smooth surface of, is remarkable. Black dial with Movado Classic Museum series, including steel case and gold-plated chassis is available with two different chassis options. Flat sapphire crystal glass and brave crocodile leather strap combines the luxury of simplicity.

Every model a unique design, which is an example of Movado offers luxury and elegance combined with Swiss craftsmanship them, the quality and grandeur of what promises to be an accessory you can remove it from your wrist.

It prices ranged from 815 to 940 CHF.

Art and design enthusiasts prefer them, with dignity carries your wrist. The modern view is the symbol of Movado Classic Museum dial, offers elegant simplicity. Is the pioneer of prestige and innovation, Movado time, with privilege to follow more closely, you’ll want to.

Movado watches designed, easy to use, with hundreds of models of special grace from each other enthusiasts are among the essentials.

Grace, a perfect blend of luxury and nobility that Movado Classic Museum series, you can not remove it from your wrist with the quality and grandeur promises to be an accessory.

Movado Museum Watch

Movado Museum Watch

Movado Museum

Movado Museum

Movado 'Bold' Round Bracelet Watch, 36mm

Movado ‘Bold’ Round Bracelet Watch, 36mm

Movado Museum Sport Watch 42mm

Movado Museum Sport Watch 42mm

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