06 August 2014

New Models of Rolex Women Luxury Watches

The world’s most prestigious watch brands located in the secrets of the top Rolex, women with many model produced by women continues to be a winning brand of great appreciation. Rolex by the newest women’s luxury watches models, Lady Pearlmaster and Lady Sertie designs quite popular between models, while the different designs of these models also draws attention. These luxury watches offering elegance and grace of these models with expert workmanship and the detail in the hand thanks to reveal the differences in care. Women’s aesthetic appearance that complements your curiosity, which conquered and affect women’s heart, this luxurious watches models have been quite talked about the names of the models.

Rolex new models designed for women, pink color has used the effect. Designed using a combination of gold and pink color that’s aimed at a perfect look with luxury watches Rolex, also equipped with internal chassis structure and mechanism difference has created.

Rolex designed by Lady Pearlmaster luxury time model, is among the preferred style callers per watch. Located in the date window at 3 indicators and specially developed waterproof mechanism difference with Lady Pearlmaster, pink gold has been designed as a design pattern also presents itself as one of the widely acclaimed. C-simple bracelet design is creating a separate noble air.

Rolex Lady Pearlmaster bracelet portion of the frame section of a glorious view of the ongoing up jewelry processing appears to be won. This design, Rolex watch masters of this watch, how attentive they function for each compartment is expressed as an indicator. What time frame is made of gold, 18 karat red bracelets are the same in the lines. Rolex produced special workshops developed by brilliant diamonds; this luxurious elegance of the watch seems to have increased even more. 18 k white gold frame, in addition to the color of the watch, take the Pink is located within the lotus flower motifs also points to a different style.

In general, in the soft details and the link with the sharp lines in the note is not proving once more sacrificing quality Rolex Pearlmaster, Rolex luxury watches as in other model 2235 certification model. This certificate within the time Switzerland’s official timepiece is tested successfully proved the quality of passing.

Lady Pearlmaster crown clasp equipped with functions, first class quality diamonds set with bracelet links between and symbolizes an engaging design. Situated within the framework of this luxury watches, 18 carat white gold, while a sophisticated design with a square, so that it becomes a feminine air.

This luxury watch model of the self-winding mechanism of special technological equipment as a condition reflecting the Rolex brand emerges. This technical infrastructure and high-quality design with Rolex followers, not to mislead about the specialization of the model again in the market place, while at the same time increase the reliability of its way continues to forge ahead. Security patent these luxury watch has a twin lock called double u-proofing property has produced. In addition, on the 3 hour position of the Cyclops is not drawn, as the featured crystal sapphire is outstanding.




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