26 August 2014

Omega & Legendary Co-Axial Mechanism

Omega Co-Axial escapement mechanism in the legendary history of the world is present was the 1999 calendars. Performs a motion in the world of technology watch inventor George Daniels is given as. The mechanism in question, although developed in the previous 150 years based on the first instance, it is a practical use than before, and in addition to a perfect measurement of time than before, he offered an unprecedented precision.

Motion mechanism (escapement) time balance within the oscillation was happening at optimum levels of. When the measurement is undertaken for some luxury watches rather important than other criteria. The minimum levels of energy are consumed, respectively. Given the previous techniques at about 30% of energy use, however, this mechanism is to be able to control the internal systems and other parts as a percentage is disappearing. Energy saving was a quite distressed about that surely had to be renewed.

This properties, that we mentioned above is eventually happened. Technology advances may be a more economical system to consume energy inside each method was attempted and eventually raised as a result of the long struggle of omega Co-Axial output mechanism. I have to run this technique will not consumers clock mechanism and energy would have been some long winded.

However, the R&D process was quite expensive and this new technique but could be used in the top segment, for luxury watch. However, as appropriate in the technology cost levels were taken and nowadays all Omega watches are equipped with this unique technique was. Moreover, the energy consumption is pretty stingy about calendars progresses, new models are added to the product range.

When the 2007 calendars in front of us in-house Co-Axial Caliber 8500 just came out. With the advent of this technology which has a smaller chassis models of Omega that is more likely to benefit from technology. It was youth group, prepared for the first time this technology uses the Seamaster Aqua Terra series became one of the models.

Omega Co-Axial moving mechanism is used 2009. The year of the worldwide celebrated with large publicity campaigns carried out. The campaign reached an agreement with George Clooney as the face. Then the following celebrities are becoming the promotional face of the brand continued one after another; Cindy Crawford, George Clooney and Michael Schumacher.

Buzz Aldrin, the first name of Omega, Speedmaster in space to try was legendary. Formula 1 is the world famous legendary pilot of Omega luxury watches quick to be always not so important he actually speed is important, but also attempting to transfer the message of unacceptable deviations. Performance and reliable never not jump said.

Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimming Championships until the end when we say has benefited from Omega, Cindy Crawford, and the whole world is the name of the Omega with trendy fashion was intended to be.




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