03 August 2014

One of the Special Luxury Watch: Blancpain Ultraplate Saint Valentin

Luxury watch brand Blancpain has a special place among brand, specially produced by the looks of the lady with Saint Valentin Ultraplate attracts, has undertaken the design of a watch. The magnificent view of this production of luxury watches, and 2013 of interest in addition to the design of the diamond is a favorite of processed with noticeable in a watch with the outside as luxury has become a favorite at enthusiasts.


Blancpain Ultraplate Saint Valentin, embellished with diamond watch markers hour dial, white pearl is made. In addition, dial the five-piece, made with red lake is located in the heart of Pearl inlay.


Adorned with hearts design with striking within 100 hours of, Blancpain Ultraplate Saint Valentin mechanism maintains a power reserve. 1150-caliber automatic mechanism the mechanism of this luxury watches, including clock located on the back side of the Sapphire stone you designed can be monitored through the window and robot can be seen on the heart icon at four positioned.


Blancpain Saint Valentin Ultraplate luxury watches are on sale through 2013 production is limited edition and with a total of only 99 units of. This is a limited production presentation of luxury watches, white ostrich leather cords are exhibited in the migrated State. In addition, these watches meets with luxury watches curious, coated with white heart, white wood is produced from special presentation box.





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