28 August 2014

Original Sixties Square Tourbillon by Glashütte

The appearance of the sixties, traditional German watch-making art and contemporary production expertise, has a unique to produce a luxury watch convincing Glashütte Original Sixties Square Tourbillon gathers in Tourbillion. Sixties public appearance, the designers of the art they caught in a perfect way with details are handled gracefully. Yellow gold vault square pillow shape, like 3, 9 and 12-hour watch the numbers definitely alike 20. century is also most stunning bombast.

Matte silver color dial, a distinguished designed an iconic structure of sixties model gives the hours. The large attractive indicator of Glashütte Original Sixties Square Tourbillonlive shows a thin black numbers on the silvery backdrop and located at six extraordinary Flying Tourbillion (flying hurricane) mechanism is taking place right across. The middle yellow gold Scorpion and young, yellow gold watch indicators are on the progress.

Flying Tourbillion mechanisms of perhaps the world’s most captivating artists in the production of Glashütte Original mechanical watch made in place cannot be compared is an example of the technique.

Flying Tourbillion, designed in 1920 by Alfred Helwig. Alfred Helwig, Germany is one of the most stunning masters of watchmakers and educator of Saxon teaches at the school of Germany in watch making. Speed measure the effect of gravity, pore size is designed for traditional hurricane (tourbillion) mechanism, both from the top and anchored at the bottom. Helwig’s model is anchored to one side only, it was in the form of a mechanism supported with colon; flying tourbillion (flying hurricane) that’s why it’s called. Flying Hurricane this year, protects the structure of aesthetic with remarkable hours and sixties together with Glashütte Original square Hurricane 125 years ago, dedicated teachers and time producer of the Elf.

Hurricane square of the sixties, with the power to work 48 hours equipped, elegantly finished with a 12 gauge auto 94-has been strengthened. The mechanism protects the dial of a hurricane flying, non-reflective sapphire glass is quite eye catching shapes. Balance screws, the Cabinet are provided with 18 weights placed on the screw; this cabin also has a small cabin by the returns of each shown on a tour of per minute. Saxon art of mechanical luxury watches manufactured at production time and technique to another rectangular shape as evidence can be presented sapphire glass enclosure.

When we look at the decisive features of Glashütte luxury watches bands formed by editing a series of three-quarter plate, galvanized surface, polished steel parts, oxidized a breeze evokes screws, curve the edges and we can see the Sun-shaped clock adjustment wheel. It lies outside the Central rotor, 21 carat weight of oscillation, Glashütte stripe structure and properly processed Glashütte Original Sixties Square Tourbillon qualifies the dual of G. Glashütte Original is one of 50 limited parts of this time.




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