26 July 2014

Protection Ways for Automatic and Quartz Luxury Watches

Luxury watches, both views, as well as the interior design is a senior technology they offer in prestige and is seen as a status symbol. Many watch brand differentiating and developing every day, luxury watches and in front of the buyer with a visual offers in the fall.

In terms of appearance of luxury watches, classic, embellished with precious stones and skeletal type is written in many different styles and models model appeals. However, luxury watches are automatic and quartz models are also quite popular luxury watches will supersede between models.

In this post we will try to talking the maintenance of automatic and quartz luxury watches and in order to ensure long-term usage protection.

Self-winding primarily for luxury watches produced as the right thing to do, is part of the crown of the watch once a week as a 20 or 30-round watch wise is the process of translating. In addition, extreme sports and you are working with tools that make up the air pressure in these situations that you have when you use will increase the life of your time of mechanical automatic watch.

Recoil status reduces the degree of precision of the watch lifecycles and located at the beginning of the factors. You have purchased luxury watch with superior technology and equipped mechanism, no matter with or impact durability at the highest level of protection in the case of the recoil mechanism anyway promises me, overload condition always refers to one of the possible risk. In this respect, the mechanism is expensive in terms of if you are the owner of a luxury watches adorned with jewels or, in sports and exercise, while it would be more convenient to use your time. In addition, an active life in every moment to support the use of luxury watches, high mechanism featured in against to protect developed, solid frame and water and the pressure is on the property you must choose the watches of extra durable.

Quartz luxury watches and automatic luxury watches according to relatively less demanding watches. Despite this, quartz luxury watches for 4 – 5 years should be applied on a regular maintenance routine. This maintenance and repair works of the watches must be authorized dealer about. Besides, the quartz luxury watches when the battery or battery notifying dealer should be taken and battery replacement should be performed. This is because the depleted batteries are that the internal mechanism of the corrosion reasons of time. If you use a water resistant quartz watch, watch battery change, you must be sure that necessarily after the test. Watch humidity and, consequently, that the effect of the moisture damage to the internal parts should not allow.

Quartz watches you should not change the date value between to 2 to 10 in the evening. Because within this time period, all of the watch’s mechanism work to change as historical impellers is programmed automatically. In addition, when changing the date of the watch after you change the date the direction 6, it would be more convenient.

Many of the automatic luxury watches from Switzerland production are produced and therefore scratch sapphire glass and are a very delicate structure against impact. In this respect, what time do you have to avoid damage, you need to maintain it in a safe place. Especially with being produced valuable stones consisted to an external structure of luxury watches that will be more suitable to show due diligence. This watch is for storing tailor is the best place to watch will be your own box. Wear the watch that time box to prevent the soft floors are manufactured in accordance with the characteristics and the watch.

Your watch glass is broken or crack has occurred, you must change immediately. Because the winning easily cracks and fractures will be dust particles between the watch and the watch will damage the internal mechanism. Also watch very cold or very cold environments left in the protection of both the performance and the overall appearance is very important. Marble floors have forwarded their sudden change of heat exchange can lead to fairly quickly. Therefore, luxury watches such as this, be careful not to let in areas of marble. Especially in stainless steel which produced luxury watches at this point they can see great harm.

Luxury watch manufacturers a otherwise recommended by the watches’ at night is the status of the removal. In the case of sleep, the unconscious movements made in the watches that could be harmful, experts warn to be considered in this note in this regard are in. In addition, parts of the watch with perspiration during sleep can hurt. Especially as a result of damage to the belt and screw parts perspiration may be evaluated.

Luxury watches has been produced especially in strap and cord portions as a model of different and flashy. In this respect, the cleaning of the parts of this watch also requires great care and attention is another matter. Luxury watches for those parts should not be used strictly for cleaning detergents, damp and deleting a soapy cloth will suffice. Fond of sports persons prefer metal or steel braided watches would be better in terms of cleaning.

Sauna, Jacuzzi, hot under the shower watch removal of invulnerability are of importance to the other refers to a topic. Also removing the watch or during swimming, or water, extra durable selection of on the luxury watches would be appropriate. Otherwise, situated on the holes of the watch can be water and time to the internal mechanism may be damaged.

In the case of exposure to water to luxury watches, chronograph  is taken to the authorized dealer and must certainly not opening by yourself. In this way, you may be able to repair while maintaining the accuracy of the watch. In addition to the luxury of keeping away from the magnetic field, the accuracy of the watch and is important in terms of protecting the internal mechanism.

Last point, one of the most important in waiting would be advisable. In your time of luxury watch the internal mechanism or external damage from any distortion or in my case, attempt to repair it yourself. At the same time, don’t take what you don’t know interested in mechanics. In these cases, it’s the right thing to do; the time will have to take the only authorized dealers.


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