17 August 2014

Rado Luxury Watches – Rado Dia Star

Rado luxury watch brand born star series with a new watch collection has taken his signature again. Modern time machine reminiscent of the noble and ancient source of inspiration this design refers to the very structures that fills the eye.

Rado Dia Star watch model this time just waiting to be explored when developing as methods to reflect the luxury watches as models get out to be encountered. Handmade work of art with expert designers that turns into a Rado Dia Star, dazzle the eye with a vanity candidate among the watches.

Collections of high quality and use your glistening eyes with Rado, luxurious materials with time difference with superior quality in Cocoa Puffs suggest. Dazzling materials fit perfectly and thanks to the extraordinary combination between the hard metals Rado Dia Star designed ceramic reinforced. Titanium carbide metal meticulously applied, seen in this hour of shape also formatted as carefully oval and these special studies, located in managed to get its place among the major icons.

Rado Dia Star produced around the world and produced the first and only time as protected against scratching constructs. This production style has gained a different dimension of luxury watches with the terminology. This watch is produced in 1962 against scratching the much improved Crashworthiness rating structure with the Sapphire has been provided by fleet sent. At that time, this production will force the truth expresses a design alternatives.

50 years later, Rado D-Star, inspired from the history, began working to enforce the limits. He will be remembered for many years to throw a luxurious hour design began on a pilot basis on the signature with different techniques. This action on behalf of the sharp cut in, convert different but at the same time soft and has a developed a watch design oval dial. Starting from this point we can say that this luxury watch production history and traces of the future emerged as a reflection of the integration.

Rado D-Star produced by the most ambitious invention, as a material called Ceromos are present, this ingredient is applied successfully in the context of a watch to tell you it is possible. A combination of ceramic and metal composite material mentioned material has emerged with. In addition to the comfort afforded by this material, a superior strength of this watch resulting in by having the ability to have attracted attention.

Rado D-Star shape and characteristic structure, the high-tech ceramic components are included. Platinum unique view reflecting a defiant air with this collection, produced with lightweight materials. Another feature of this luxury watch body heat easily and in a short time to adapt is the ability to do it.

Rado Dia Star introduced to the market in the form of a collection of 28 pieces of, have highlighted a very ambitious design in front of the eyes. Different classes who are poised to become the favorite luxury watch enthusiasts of this watch to show off you, you’ll fall.


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