26 August 2014

Seiko Velature Luxury Watches

Seiko’s Velatura Collection, for the first time to the watch about luxury watch lovers knows in 2007, such as when he added a new success. Already this year, the ambitious series of rings as of 2009 to 5 by adding more new chain, model series has been expanded. Most notably among them is undoubtedly the Velatura Yachting Timer was his model. Perfect timing, lighter but more tough-looking is this model really attracted great interest. Seiko this model with a series of specifically targeted sailors and yacht racers off said.

A highly ambitious creation is introduced in the series is really a big interest, and it showed that he deserves a credit. Completely produced in titanium material deposit box with 200 meters water resistant eye he was filling. Robustness is not discussed.

Sport by considering an understanding at the front with a timer designed usability Velatura Yachting, as sporty as well as to not compromise was the creation. And it worked. Titanium safe from top to bottom in order to gain extra strength innovative leather strap that wraps ballistic nylon and leather had been manufactured by the mixture. With this type of butterfly clips or survey is used. The butterfly clip, titanium was brought to the body with a special coating that has been enhanced with.

Dialing, sporty and innovative beyond perfection had a design. This excellence to avoid damaging the front anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal glass has been used.

Even today, are still not in the shelf of the store exclusive luxury watches and 7T84 machine uses the Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer, starting from 950 Euro, and meeting with new owners.

Seiko is also the last model of the article ladies, produced for a couture line is also available. Seiko luxury watch machines that have this feminine line of perfect functionality and a unique design in delivering more than met expectations. Bulova Women’s Chronograph manufactured from stainless steel and elegant design as well as with the users has managed to satisfy the feeling of solid. This unique time machine is designed to be water resistant and supports this feature up to 100 meters. The heartbreak of psoriasis is embellished with precious diamonds dial made of 16 pieces. Front façade of pretentious and luxury watch such as sapphire crystal glass and the other hour models anti-reflective coating with moldings.

Seiko’s want this ambitious design for ceramic bracelet for ladies, if desired also released with options leather straps. Ceramic bracelet can be comfortable in design and made of folded for extraction can be trapped or clips used. Leather belt model is located on a clasp that is made from stainless steel. Uses mechanical machine called clock Caliber 7T92 and retail sales price is 590 to 640 Euros variability of specific relevance.


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