15 September 2014

Smart Luxury Watches: ASUS zenwatch

ASUS anticipated, smart wristwatch zenwatch, the IFA in 2014, was introduced.

Android Weir, with a smart operating system clock, Google was produced in cooperation. Extremely precision passing through the design process, zenwatch Android smartphone with a perfect fitby providing information related to the needs of users, it is most needed at the moment, offers and almost a personal health manager, task.

Asus Android Weir platform, fifth, smart watch zenwatch: 1.63-inch, 320 x 320P resolution, Gorilla Glass 3 with a stabilized, the curved OLED display. Smart watch, at a speed 1.2GHz frequency, quad-core Snapdragon 400, the processor is located. 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage is included Zenwatch intelligent watch is matched with mobile devices through Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Stainless steel case consisting smart watch, also to measure heart rate sensor, pedometer, with IP55 certification, water resistance will take place. Smart phone or tablet to unlock, remote-controlled, zenwatch, remote cameras also feature. Smart watch also, when you can not find your phone, the phone alerts, sending in a short time will enable you to find the “My Phone” feature.

Zenwatch stylish, attention to the smallest details of the design, and with high-quality materials used in construction, fine workmanship products, continues the tradition of watch-making. Zenwatch also can be changed at any time, comes with a variety of clock faces. Thus, users conform to their style of clock faces, you can choose what you want instantly.

Android operating system phones, smart companion zenwatch, instant information at a glance offers users many of the operations and just a touch or voice commands enables users to perform.

Offering comfort for all day, thanks to high-tech sensors, zenwatch, heart beat the number of steps, fitness level, as various health statistics, following almost a personal health advisor for the users. Zenwatch in this respect he the users, to balance their lives and realize their personal fitness objectives, efforts to provide support.

260 dollar with a price tag, remarkable, ASUS zenwatch, were prepared by Italian designer. Google’s Android Weir, zenwatch using the operating system, just as the Galaxy S5 sensor to measure heart rhythm clock as well, and thus you can easily learn while you are wearing your heart rhythm.

ASUS officials concerned to watches, pictures can be taken and these pictures, instantly transferred to the phone, he said.

The device is expected be available for sale in October.

Asus Zen Watch

            Asus Zen Watch

Asus Zen...

                            Asus Zen Watch

Asus Zen

                              Asus ZenWatch


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