13 July 2014

Smart Luxury Watches

I’m Watch

Smart Luxury Watches

                          Smart Luxury Watches

Designed in Italy with a luxury watch I’m Watch ‘s $ 499 for the basic version. However, if you want a watch covered with white gold, you must sacrifice 19,990 dollars.

1.5-inch LCD display with a 400MHz processor of the device, has 4GB of storage space and bluetooth connectivity. Organized by the square screen devices is trying Android 1.6. These features do not come few you. I’m Watch in size and features a really good compared to other devices.

Smart phones started to come into our lives after the tech intelligent watches wearable from day to day with the best examples by different brands began to take their place in our arm. And I liked very much this technology and wanted to share with you. Designed in Italy with a luxury watch I’m Watch I want to tell you about. Design and several color options and is very elegant on your arm and grab the attention of everyone I’m Watch in terms of quality than other smart watches in the foreground.

Smart I'm Watch

                             Smart I’m Watches

52.90 mm ​​X 40.60 mm X 10mm in size I’m Watch’s very small and not polite. But clock to feel and experience on the big screen smart clock will be a perfect choice for people who want to live. (IM droid 2) the name of the android operating system with a special smart clock that can synchronize with your bluetooth. This smart clock, (I’m Cloud) to record the name of the service you want to use social media and e-mail applications you enter the information for the user.After registration and application installation process So that that you do all your contacts and social media applications will instantly appear in the menu of smart clock

Smart I'm Watch 6

                Smart I’m Watch Old and New

Also you can control your incoming calls through your clock. If you wish to calls digital button on the device is able to interfere with or to reject calls can shake your smart clock. Incoming SMS, E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking messages-without intervention on your phone, checking over your clock to answer, then you can return your phone. On the watch for these types of transactions do not have a keyboard. When you only want to call a the Numpad opens. Also I’m Watch you can download many applications, free and paid.

I’m Watch’s when buying your smartphone via bluetooth share your internet connection is capable of Be careful. This technology is not on your smartphone smarter clock you will be offering limited opportunities. Because I’m Watch using this technology via smart phones are taking the information you want from the internet. 4GB internal memory, 28MB RAM Memory 240 × 240 pixel screen resolution next IMX233 processor. I’m Watch is very common in long-term use and did not make a problerm. this watch is’s distinctive feature: clock to be able to charge a 3.5 mm input has been using. So the only input headset is used for both for both charge I’m Watch’s interaction with the phone’s battery while the device in standby mode and can provide up to 24 hours of standby time.

Smart I'm Watch

                   Smart I’m Watch Black

Smart I'm Watch

                           Smart I’m Watch


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