28 August 2014

TAG Heuer Luxury Watches – Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph

TAG Heuer Carrera is how dominant the market I think almost everyone knows. TAG Heuer, referring to the present 1963 Carrera is almost like thin, loop is the texture. You may remember the brand, to Carrera 50. Anniversary recently celebrated. Jack Heuer Edition celebrates a value to be half a century does not mean a lot. TAG Heuer is the son of the founder and his trademark big Jack Heuer is the only heading up the names for those who don’t know, we need to specify.

On the other hand, apart from being the tremendous and surprising this time is entirely too sporty car enthusiasts and specifically designed for professional drivers. In a piece of it, there is a spectacular work of this luxury watches design process. Just received and extremely elegant touches on this model we are now we are aware of. Perhaps we can say that; There are much more emotion, charm and the union is in this model found new life.

This luxury watch brand these days, The Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph Jack Heuer stopwatch with watches in a separate edition pale is proud to bring alive. 45 mm case and brought to life using the carbide with titanium steel thanks to the structure of the fantasy world, but also there is quite privileged of the open out to doors to an asymmetric design of the vault’s profile is written in Dutch. Setting up the watch about the handle, right or left corner not too unorthodox to the region, the equivalent right at the watch is positioned.

This is definitely the time gauge designed out of time with him, almost every detail of formula one racing after taking the final pattern of pattern if we make sure no exaggeration, tells, we do.

This luxury watch is not limited to the features of this course, sapphire has a safe time, and our inner world of Calibre was chosen to fill with the mechanism of 11887. In addition, the oscillation movement creating a power of 50 VPH 28800 hour battery reserve, don’t neglect to offer.

Calibre 1887 belongs to the blue cell is extremely new and unusual experience this innovative invention while invite you like cars in the procession made the gear system is working as a grip reminds me of you.




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