28 August 2014

TAG Heuer Women Luxury Watches – TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady Steel Ceramic

For all his generosity with showcase decorates their TAG Heuer brand recognized a new series of Formula 1 Lady Steel Ceramic; feminine presence and mystery of dazzles. As a countless collection for women brand TAG Heuer, Formula 1 for prestigious and prominent creations in the sector with a different one of the importance of protecting rare brand.

37 mm circular frame with feminine curves, polished steel has a body. Swiss TAG Heuer Formula 1 luxury watches of this new model of the dial are adorned with diamonds on the bezel 84 Wesselton. The body of high quality reinforced with ceramic clock. Thanks to the precious stones surrounding the hour the watch literally is full with flowers that open in your garden. Don’t be petty and elegance of the watch strap part was extremely soft lines nearby. Watch bracelet polished stainless steel ceramic reinforced again part consists of the. The watch’s bracelet is designed to shape of butterfly when installing your arm in clips; time thought-out offers top comfort to you in the name of convenience.

This luxury watch on the dial is the diamond Wesselton 54. 10 of the clock with numbers are positioned to represent pointers. Diamond that is not part of the calendar TAG Heuer brand at 3, featuring the direction and time processed 12 aspects. TAG Heuer brand is placed at a point of 3-dimensional monochromatic dial. The area around the dial of the watch, each diamond stainless steel bead to attract attention of the bearings is integrated. All around the watch and using high-quality polishing precious stones polished and cleaned. This means that through the use of top quality materials, precious stones, is to provide the optimum level of shine.

Arrested as a value of 0.65 ct surrounds processed gemstones, TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady Steel Ceramic Pavée is being to integrate, while TAG Heuers’ designer and engineer as a result of the feedback received from the best product to sign it are known to work. TAG Heuer perfect design and engineering for both the experience and the knowledge (know-how) has been acting on. The design team is the right location for stone decorations when determining technical support always had not neglected her mind, so that optimum beauty and near-perfect, we uncovered a product.

TAG Heuer has offered all products of excellence apply to all Formula 1 models. High quality time measurement, scratch-resistant crystal glass and 200 meter water-resistant this luxury segment to the taste of users provided Formula 1 Lady Steel Ceramic Pavée model is available in the entire hotel.




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