05 August 2014

The Dior VIII White Collection

Christian Dior who is the founder of the fashion house and Dior’s commitment to white is known. Christian Dior, the color white symbolizes purity and is having a sleep to accommodate each underscoring and reveals the idea that in the collections have highlighted.


Dior fashion house’s watch designers, adopting adopted Christian Dior white philosophy by the Dior VIII White Collection deluxe elegance and elegance of white with the hours of engine, which released to the fore. The white color is the symbol of nobility, this luxury watch with state-of-the-art design with emerging at this time reveal that the value of the degree.


Dial is manufactured in different sizes, with Dior VIII White Collection deluxe of dial sizes 28, 33 and 38 millimeters diameter are produced in. Strap in white ceramic luxury watch, used time indicator manually mounted diamond detail is visible. On request at the dial and diamond stones around can be placed on this luxury watch, mother of pearl coating can be preferred as within the request. Dior VIII White Collection is at the top of the hour dial as with the sapphire crystal coated.


8 digits are the lucky numbers of Christian Dior watch over roman numerals are designed especially with highlighted. Dior fashion house will be based on the art of philosophy and master of hand labor takes place all this luxury watch, luxury watches will be among the key seems to be the classics.



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