22 July 2014

The Most Expensive Luxury Watches in the World

Watches for many people is a very valuable one of the accessories, while the clock collecting is also in this respect great development appears to be one of the brands have registered. Millions of dollars worth of hours we encountered on the market today are the main reason for this could exist and that the recipient is emerging in parallel to the situation.

Luxury watches are usually prepared to pay a high price in return for what we need to be known as products. These luxury watches are some time values within dozens or even hundreds of million dollars are expressed with numbers. Therefore most limits are produced and possessed by only one or a few people can make.

World’ s most expensive watches designs of this time is described as sometimes in terms of the appearance of precious stones, and sometimes they have superior technology with advanced and complicated clock mechanism design is notable for its products. In addition, this luxury watches, is designed based on the completely hand-detailing the delicacy and care completely, come to the fore. In this regard, the higher the detail subtlety, that rises as the price of luxury watches.

In this article, the world’s most expensive luxury watches as detailed information, we will try to explain. Production raw material marked the return of these watches, known until today and refers to the hours of attention


Vacherin Constantin Tour de l’Ile luxury Watches – 1.5 million $

One of the biggest Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Vacherin Constantin, the 250th anniversary of the Tour de l’Ile model produced by luxury worldwide with the most complicated design time model achieved the title of producer. This watch is in production, pre-production spent 0 thousand hours of research activities considering, this luxury watch, it is possible to say that he deserves the title of real sense. Total 7 pieces produced and day-and-time indicator, as well as the ball, 16 different features in the legend. Sunset indicator, perpetual calendar, the secondary time zone, the tourbillion mechanism of many different indicators, such as the Tour de l’Ile model luxury clock like $ 1.5 million at an affordable price, and buyers last year marked the luxury of time.


Patek Philippe Platinum World Time Luxury Watches – 4 million $

Patek Philippe, world-wide known luxury clock manufacturers, designed with the hours one of the dazzling brands appears to be. Patek Philippe is one of the most expensive luxury watches produced by the Platinum World Time, in 2002, made $ 4 million as a result of an auction such as exhaustion and a price has found buyers. This luxury, produced just one time, it was the most expensive in the world for the year 2002 luxury watches as MES informed Armenian news was. Generally speaking, the most expensive popular luxury watches are carrying the Patek Philippe brand signature. Genoa based firm have produced the first wrist watch in 1868, whose firm has gained in older than its reputation. Especially a luxury watch produced for Queen Victoria in 1851 reached the summit on an hourly rate. The company’s other celebrity clients include Pope Pius IX, the King of the King and Queen of Denmark and Italy produced for exclusive design luxury watches are also included.


Patek Philippe Supercomplication Luxury Watches – 11 million $

Patek Philippe called the supercomplication most expensive luxury watch, a New York banker Henry Graves, Jr. for the production in 1932 as an hour. Yellow Gold pocket watch is produced at one of the different design as quite remarkable hour. This luxury watch called the Supercomplication, Henry Graves and James Ward Packard car engineer from Ohio, a competition between emerged as the product is known. These two friends on Earth, the most complex and make the clock which has the race clock mechanism equipped entered and has been the winner of this competition, with Graves ‘ Supercomplication this clock from the production of the next 50 years, it is not accessible, a more complicated clock mechanism. Fifty years later, still, Patek Philippe produced by a total of thirty-three functions has the Caliber to take the model named “Supercomplication helps get at 89. Graves ‘ of this superior design time with an auction organized in 1999 for $ 11 million and found buyers in this way achieved the title of the world’s most expensive watch. On the other hand, managed to cross the supercomplication model luxury clock hardware Caliber 89 model also have back in terms of price and sold approximately 6 million dollars.


Chopard Luxury watches-25 million $

The Chopard brand of specially produced, this luxury watch price for 25 million dollars. Yes, you read wrong full 25 million dollars ‘ worth of luxury watches worth a fortune the rarest among luxury watches. What this high price of this watch produced by Chopard senior has a technological design, nor has their unique hour, not hardware. This price is the decisive factor appearance stems. This luxury precious stones found on the clock until the clock view price on quite considerably.

In view of the very ornate, this luxurious 15-Carat Pink Diamond heart on the clock, 12  Carat Blue diamond and 11 carats ‘ white diamond is located. In addition, various sizes used 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds that are online. A total of 201 units of carats in diamonds adorned this time, thanks to a $ 25 million price, in the list of the world’s most expensive luxury watches for many years seems to protect the place.









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