24 August 2014

TimeWalker WorldTime Sinosphere by Montblanc

Montblanc, in Geneva in SHH in the Organization of the World introduced for the first time a series of part-time Hemispheres. Then the second exhibition in Hong Kong in the SHH and this series newly added Sinosphere presented at the model of the lovers. Looking at the watch on the 24-hour slice of sharp lines come across with. Different countries to different cities of timezone are specified by giving the name of the city, we see that. But here is the name of the notable details in China (China) to be highlighted in red. So China has been a major point of departure we can say this model of luxury watches. As the watch dial coffers anyway, all other elements are also made according to China.


The grey portion of the red part of the Montblanc TimeWalker Worldtime Sinosphere watch represents the night is day. A 24-hour watch is in the middle of my tongue provides a different image of China map designed. All that aside of these luxury watches swords resembling the display of watch works, covering the safe red gold and brown crocodile skin belts also a different model. Still time automatic caliber 4810/410 used. As is well known, this caliber, it has complications world timer.




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