14 August 2014

Tourbillon Mechanism in Luxury Watches

Abraham-Louis Breguet famous luxury watches maker regulators Tourbillion’s biggest draws attention as one of the meet. Breguet is the masters of the watch and the time of king also referred to as rather impressive compliment with an hour. 1795 discover is patented in 1801 is among the most impressive modern Tourbillon, watches have one of the mechanism. Such a mechanism is of course the skilled craftsmen by uncovering and carry the signature of the famous masters of watches produced the expected an improvement.

Tourbillon watch mechanism structure with gravity counteracts the effect of asymmetric singular features designed to ensure maximum accuracy.

200 years ago, when we compare with the watches produced in tourbillon included in the collection of the most prestigious companies that appear even more we are witnessing that.

The Tourbillon mechanism, with the mobile chassis watches tongs. Clock escapement rotational movement in a certain period (e.g. 1, 4 or 6 per minute) is performing around the axis. Rotation movement during all returning a certain direction, so that the mechanism the mechanism is located in the centre of gravity is going to have different values for each second. Thus, unlike the traditional watches, positional errors are prevented.

Tourbillion’s advantage of the watches with these validation tests has become indisputable. Official chronograph for maximum offset value for each day + 5 seconds and 0.3 seconds in every day for their marine of chronograph, while this figure is equal to 100 split-second tourbillon. Normal watch mechanism in 36 watches from 40-46 time values according to the values of this mechanism, ranging from the average deviation was only about the downside. The key factors in the formation of losses in question at the time of the rotation energy use were tourbillon mechanism. Therefore a 6-minute tourbillon watches are a 1-minute tourbillon was providing more productivity according to time. However, the offset values taken on the basis of the 100de of a second per second or in the form of multiples of one 1000de is effective and shows a 6-minute periods in this effect.

Blancpains’ 8 watches of guided day tourbillon-featured along with continued market Breguet super invention dissidents has become completely meaningless discussion.

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