26 August 2014

Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo

A luxury watch to the model name of a freak can be available of your thinking? Ulysse Nardin latest model has alike name. Yes you not read wrong Freak. Freak Diavolo, actually this word by softening a bit, let’s calls him weird us instead, and post why you’ll usually referred to as weird throughout.

When you look at the picture of the watch really equivalent you don’t feel weird and I thought we can never say that they are wrong about this firm. However, focus your attention and look at him once. Everyone has those classic models you would you like? Or would you rather live a really unusual experience?

Image may be weird but unique engineering technology and design of this watch behind that claim otherwise. Ulysse Nardin, developed specially for this model carousel tourbillon mechanism and flying tourbillon mechanism is used. The first of its mechanism through the representation of hours and minutes indicator in this luxury watch that other mechanisms were being responsible for trying to perfect. Flying Tourbillon mechanism is equipped with an arrow; this pointer is in charge of the second. The watch dial is considered black, white figures offer her a beautiful contrast media. Divisions have been also interested in the color red.

A system is the main mechanism responsible play hand-wound movement; enriched with a flying tourbillon mechanism code is called a machine. In fact, they all come together in the heart of the watch is going out. Oh, and let’s add the 8-day power reserve with the mechanism that records the 28.800 beats is achieved.

The whole system is 44, 5 mm a safe tucked away inside and covered with 18 k white Gold case. Up to 30 meters water-resistance property is used to display the time, bizarre as possessing qualified, though, we are sure that this aspect also will be a model for many luxury watches, have become indispensable.

Finally, the odd watch to Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo does not budge and rather stylish elegance leather strapped watch lovers are being offered. Of course, along with a special clip for comfortable removing stuck on a different property refers.




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