17 August 2014

Ulysse Nardin – Lady Diver

It is one of the brand Ulysse Nardin luxury watches on-site engineers, their gentle for ladies who want to look stylish and elegant wrists they wanted to meet with a flashy accessories and in this respect, they have developed a new luxury watch design. Also revealed is a unique nature has Lady Diver Starry Night watch design. In a short period of time will be considered to be indispensable by ladies in this direction and serious predictions rely on this last model developed by the company fairly.

This attraction is like a time machine to design luxury watches and 40 millimeters in diameter within a vault offers dazzling glory. for 100 meters of water pressure that can withstand the elegance and luxury at this luxury watches produced in nature, that represent a total of 27 pieces of diamond is located. Especially the black dial on the precious stones constitutes an aesthetic contrast with on the ground as a whole. The watch on the front panel of the bumps and scratches-resistant structure, sapphire glass with protection is provided.

Very elegant and simple design to be the predominant aspects of the internal mechanism has reliable this time self-winding movement controls, thanks to. Power reserve 42 hours in that it has a value of this watch is positioned at 6 o’clock and created a separate calendar window style appears to be.

Finally, the Ulysse Nardin watches by Mrs. designed for luxury watches bracelet section, a very unusual used in the luxury watch bracelet is developed using the. This is not a very interesting time, what Charles, what a luxury leather strap with gold nor does lack also draw attention. Lady Diver Starry Night Special-of-the-art Silicon belt used, but used in a manner that masters, both comfort and elegance, especially when the cleanest beaches with precious stones, other luxury watch companies why they have to think about that question in designs to date without prompting if unable to.

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