09 August 2014

Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon

Luxury watch concept on jewelry with the theme, with a unique and industry experience acquired over many years time designs with new watch model produced by the talk at Vacheron Constantin, still dazzles. This luxury watches called Malte Tourbillon this the most exclusive brands of luxury watches, Switzerland situated between Vacheron Constantin and its’ most elegant design as one of the. Malte Tourbillon model, master watch workmanship, high value as a result of the processing of the jewels has emerged carefully, it’s also a great creativity in design has been in question.

Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon, meticulous craftsmanship and dazzling jewelry, as well as quality and durability as a luxury that attracts interest with time model is located in the market. Situated on a magnificent building next to the diamond that creates detail, curved shape that fills eyes with this luxury watches, is seen as a design to talk about for a long time.

Until the emergence of ideas and design process, production process up, challenging and intensive effort that requires a signature brand of hours designers work, located on each of the stones of the watch in the individual sought. 2975 number featuring Malte Tourbillon calibrates, consists of a total of 196 parts. In addition, the strap is black and is made from crocodile leather, mechanism for technology developed in a way compatible to the latest innovation available.


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