08 July 2014

Worth a Million Dollar Luxury Watches: Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie

Luxury watches dazzling designs, as well as being special and limited production quantities with their production, purchase accessories are among the uplifting feeling. In particular, gold, silver, decorated with precious stones such as diamonds and rubies, and to have a wealth of luxury watches which are the dreams of many women adorn.

Watch brand Hublot introduced the Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie times as one of the special design of the 2013. This luxury watch belt pretension and the pier from the dial are adorned with baguette diamonds to the tourbillion mechanism of action, which takes its name from the body portion.

Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie combines modern design with traditional art values. This luxury in every detail of the clock, a skilled hand craftsmanship stands out. Hublot brand uncovered by the emergence of this time, a labor and a long time has been the product. Totally spent time over 4100 hours to 1185 parts of the diamond cutting, quality control time of 500 hours and for placement over the stone full 4 months. For this process, 64 experts took part in 11 different areas of expertise.

Modern technology and traditional hours, which is a perfect example of his mastery Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie both feature also show cases an elegant way. Hublot completely handmade and produced in the center and extremely stylish and have an impressive appearance, as well as reflecting the expertise Hublot is a special time and 120-hour power reserve water repellency’s.

  • This luxury watches produced only eight pieces.
  • The price is being offered for sale at $ 1 million.

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