08 August 2014

X-1 Ladies Luxury Watches by Ebel

Switzerland watch brands are the first that comes to mind in all watch brands all over the world in terms of luxury watch brands. Uncovers the quality and technological innovation and the need for additional features with a Swiss luxury watch brands, this topic has an important place in the market.


Swiss luxury watch brand Ebel, which is one of the watch takes you on a journey from past to present information about the production and accumulation of experience has been known as a brand. In 1911, along with the design, the first watch the company is Kruger’s name became well known in the industry as a brand known to be managed. The same popularity in America, its establishment has succeeded to reach a respectable position in the region.


With limited and specialized production luxury watches, Ebel is one of the most preferred brands of callers. Price, the medium levels of luxury and power to address recruitment watch models, but acquiring Ebel X-1, modern and classic watch design by bringing together, achieved a different line. Especially for women-as acting more attentive about luxury watches brand and quality work in terms of both appearances with elegance offering manufactures luxury watches.


Ebel extracted released by X-1 luxury watch model, will design and impeccable interior with a name a name as one of which waterproof up to 100 meters, featuring the X-1 luxury watch model and a distinctive style, and incorporates a number of hosts. Designed specifically for the ladies luxury watches, integrates a masculine structure with elegant lines. Women who have a dress style like men’s, in which the X-1 also has a sporty image, too.


Ebel X-1 luxury watch, stainless steel and 18-carat gold, while seen as a manufactured enclosure located on the clock to read the watch with the great figures is also simplified. Dial in numbers while the outer frames in gold, the color of the dial, while the Interior has been designed. In this case, we looked at the clock when creating a different style, but also have a simplified petroleum occurs. This watch, the judge would be more shades of gray shades, this color is used per hour has captured a perfect match with yellow gold. The day an hour window, situated at 6 o’clock is supported by a black font.


X-1 luxury watch model that is produced by Ebel and specially designed for ladies, different styles and elegance are the watch the user has managed to receive full marks. These luxury watches, offered for sale at a price of starting $4900, other brands with relatively affordable price tag has been acclaimed product. In a brief, we can say about this luxury watch, Ebel X-1 is suitable for women who want to capture elegance without exaggeration.




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