03 August 2014

Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane

In 2013, the Zenith brand showcased by Christophe Colomb Hurricane is being issued and most notable watch model as one of the models produced while many luxury watch brand in has increased. Produced by Christophe Colomb in the Zenith brand Academy collection model, targeting different alternative options like different with consideration.

In recent years, by the Zenith brand name produced within the different designs of luxury watches with significantly enhance our company market share, almost like a work of art, has undertaken to design can be considered. That in mind by many luxury watch designs, unusual lines has managed to leave its competitors too. But also, Zenith brand by addressing various audiences with different lines has increased the potential customers.

Christophe Colomb Hurricane, safes and dial in parts, and Scorpion – young sections of the 18-carat pink gold, with 45 mm in diameter, which was created with the domed Sapphire Crystal case-dial section. This luxury watch located on the Sapphire Crystal Watch glass Department, both thanks to the clock dial, as well as the back cover has been taken under protection. This is thanks to the glass reflection of the sapphire glass is also eliminated.

Christophe Colomb creations in the watches, and a special coating made from alligator skin protected belt have located an hour triple folding feature clip is produced 18-carat gold. Dial on guilloche pattern handcrafted and designed using gold material. Another feature of this luxury watch 3 ATM-featured waterproof is the detail.

Christophe Colomb Hurricane in the scope of another prominent Hurricane luxury watches property, lower and upper quadrant positioned is the bubble dome. This is the mechanism of the clock, thanks to much more dome is comfortable to operate. Besides, it’s a negative for the clock design and light dome effect for adaptation is another plus as the property. This is designed so that users will feel a bomb. On the other hand, the upper quadrant of the bubble dome, although protected under sapphire crystal, must be protected against impact shock when using the intensive.

Christophe Colomb Hurricane, according to the previous model, much more new and improved refers to a model. One of the best luxury watches produced to date, considered to be the foremost dial portion of the Hurricane at Christophe Colomb Hurricane, and improvements in the mechanism with a much more useful and long-lasting has earned. Ravity module called this mechanism compatible with the latest technology, the concept of luxury with a combination of time in front of the eyes covered.

Another interesting property of these luxury watches which is produced by Zenith is situated under the quadrant of the chain time display. In this way, time is becoming much easier to read. Besides that, this time, is the perfect complement to almost any outfit property in harmony is designed.

Each section is a big attention polished Christophe Colomb Hurricane will make you feel the presence of a luxury watch, weight designed. Among the many hours, though light enough to come to the fore. features carriage, and also as a chain of 3 parts have quite complex and designed with a mechanism of this watch mechanism using the pieces for a total 354.173 reveals this complex structure.


Zenith Christophe Colomb Hurricane produced only 25 of which by the Hurricane model El Primero 8805 modeled and manual has a horizontal positioning system has been developed as the gyroscopic system. 37 mm diameter area is a calibrate time, is consists of components 354 5.85 mm thick. The mechanism, which is adorned with precious stone 53 units of 50 hours power reserve, with 36,000 working frequency, is.





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